harmonizing traditional language practice and mobile devices through digital photography

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Harmonizing Traditional Language Practice and Mobile Devices Through Digital Photography

Harmonizing Traditional Language Practice and Mobile Devices Through Digital PhotographyVinicius LemosCasa Thomas Jefferson

Why is working with digital photography a good idea?offlineBYODeasycreativitymeaningful personalizedengagingrapportcollective ownershipnovelty

Using images from the photo library

Suggestion #1: This is me!

What do your pictures say about you?

Students browse through their photo library and use some images to talk about themselves (personality, lifestyle, likes and dislikes, etc).Suggestion #2: Things in Common

What do your pictures have in common?

In pairsEach student chooses a picture randomly and then come with a list of things both images have in common.Remind them to be creative!Suggestion #3: Odd One Out

Which picture is the odd one out? Why?

Groups of three or four.Students show each other their pictures and discuss which one is the odd one out.Remind them that there is no right or wrong answer. However, their explanation should be reasonable.Suggestion #3: Odd One Out

Suggestion #4: Vocabulary Ping Pong

Assigning mobile homework

Mobile Homework

#5: What are they doing?#6: What did you do last weekend?#7: What is there in your living room?#8: What`s your favorite possession?#9: What should I do?

Suggestion #10: The Stuffed Animal ProjectStudents take the stuffed animal home and take pictures of it doing different things. What is he doing?Is he cooking?Describe his daily routine.Taking pictures during class

Suggestion #11: Guess What It Is

It must beIt can`t beit might/could be

1234Suggestion #12: Describe the Scene

Simple Past x Past ContinuousSmall groupsStudents look at their classmates` pictures and describe the scenes using the pattern: X was ____-ing when _______.Suggestion #13: The Alphabet Challenge

nailsqueennutsfoodSmall groups Ayat Tawel/ Cairo, Egypt. http://ayat-pdiary.blogspot.com.br/2013/04/the-alphabet-photographing-game.html#comment-form15Thank you!