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Harit Dharaa creates lifestyle! In Process, a set of parameters addressing to all dimensions have been created which shall be automatically revised as the quality threshold shall be registered higher each. We are a Delhi-based real estate company, which has been upping the contemporary standards of living in modern India. With operations spanned across a number of cities across India, Harit Dharaa stands firm on the belief of marching towards Parivartan Ki Aur. We, by all means propagate the concept of green living, and are highly dedicated towards making earth a beautiful place to live in. We have initiated with this step from within the office, with one plant per square feet of the office space. Treading strongly with our environment-friendly concepts, Harit Dharaa is built around the needs of the people and works hard at maintaining our pro-environment stance, by coming up with new and innovative ways to sustain the human race in the future. With us, eco-friendly environment protection measures come as a standard. We are dedicated to the thought of Grow Green, Grow Together, providing green spaces in all our projects, with lush environments and an optimum amount of greenery. Where you and your family can live and grow in a clean and healthy environment. Thus providing a healthy and cherishable environment for your kids to play and your family to flourish.


  • 1. Corporate Massage The power of Indian real estate is phenomenal and is advancing at a breathtaking pace. An int Thus, catering to the changing trends, Harit Dharaa is dedicatedly steering forward with our ob

2. Principles Of Harit Dharaa Preserving Nature Grow Green Grow Together Promoting Healthy Environment Maintaining Higher Level of Transparency To Provide Best Education in the Field of Real 3. Whispering Wood Ram Nagar Whispering Woods has come up on Pirumadara, Ramnagar (Nanital-Uttaranchal) and is just 1 km 4. Harit Dharaa Contact F-17 Sector 6 Noida Web: www.haritdharaa.com Mail: info@haritdharaa.com Caontact No. 0120-4261883,8506088808,8506088877, 8506088830,8506088876