hari katha my master loves me most my family when i was born! my name is: ___

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  • Hari Katha My Master Loves Me Most
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  • My family when I was born! My Name is: ___
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  • I was adopted. Now I am in a big LOVING family!
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  • Even though I hated bath, they kept my very clean!
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  • Nice place to sleep! I got fun all the times.. Great fun in the Summer!
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  • I had very sweet company to play!
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  • I was getting broomed to look beautiful too!
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  • 8 And once I saved my master when he was attacked by a robber!
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  • I always wanted to drive a nice Sports Car!
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  • I am really old and even loosing my eye sight !
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  • But now I am really Old and getting Sick!
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  • One day my master brought me here in a car. It was long drive and far away! But my master was crying... I didnt know why? I have not seen this place before. Why did we come here far far away?.
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  • I ran behind another dog I wanted that dog too be with me!
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  • Oh! Where is my master? I dont know this place. Then I noticed that my master was not found ! I searched the beach, even came to the city..
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  • Where is my master? He will surely come to take me. I returned to the beach so my master can find me..
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  • He left me when we came in a car. He is not in this car ! It is only a week. My master will surely come to take me home Every time I see a car, I go and check if my master has come to take me home. I havent eaten for days.
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  • My master will surely come to take me home It is now a month or two.. My master is not in this car too!
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  • It is now only two years.. My master is not in this car either ! He gave me food, shelter, bath, fun and everything.. I loved him from my soul... I even saved his life. I am sure he wont forget me My master will surely come to take me home
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  • Poor dog! Now he is dead! His master NEVER came!
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  • 20 When I was young baby everyone loved me ! When I earned money everyone was a friend ! I worked hard and lived like a king ! All my good times are now gone ! Now I am old, everyone neglects me ! When I cant work, my family neglects ! When I cannot walk, I am dumped ! No one cares ! No one dares ! I am counting my days ! Where did I come from ? Where is my real home ? Who Am I ? Who is my real Master ? Who is my real Father ? Who is my real Mother ? Can this happen to us? Who Am I?
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  • 21 Pitham Asya Jagato Mt Dht Pitmahah I am the father of this universe, the mother, the support and grand-father.
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  • 22 Spiritual World is our Real Home
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  • 23 Spiritual World is our Real Home
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  • 24 Man-man bhava mad-bhakto Mad yji mm namas kuru Mm evaiyasi yukt vaivam tmnam mat par yaah Always think of Me, become My devotee, Offer vandanam and worship Me. Then surely you will come to Me. How can we go back to our real Father & Mother?
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  • 25 Hari Bhajan [Madhura Gna Mohan Nayana Bhsan Megha Varna Sobhan Bhuvana Jeevana] (2) Dwara Kaa Plak Dheena Dhayl (2) Bhakta Jana Jeevan Patita Pvan...(Ch: Madhura) Sarva Ppa Mochan Sac-Cit nanda (2) Saci Vadana Keshav Sarva Rakshak...(Ch: Madhura) Rma Rma Rghava Sita Nyak (2) Ramya Leela Vallabha Radhey Mdhava...(Ch: Madhura) [Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama] (2)... (Madhura)