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explains wonderfully the ''Origin'' and ''Goal'' of the Soul. the book reveals to the intellectuals & truth-seekers that soul needs and gets its Nourishment ''only'' through the noor of Allah, the All-Mighty, it is from Alam-e-Amar and possesses the Powers that if harnessed rightly will yield such un-conquer-able (undefeatable) potentials that will prove its dominancy over every-thing, with the only exception of Allah, the Greatest of All. Nothing can en-compass its vast universe of extra-ordinary talents, and every-thing is bended-down infront of its Majesty. It is solely due to its very-close Relation with Allah about which Allah says in Quran : very little knowledge is given to you about the Soul. Its Essence is far beyond the limitation of mind/logic/verbal talks, and it demands to be ''Discovered'' / ''Revealed'', solely by ''the Un-Defected Force of will-power / Pure-Deep Sincerity'' that has become genuinly ''Capable'' of piercing through the veils of false-hood and deception and which ''Dare'' to drop the Duality of negativity (or dark-ness) & become ONE with the Ultimate Truth.


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