Happy thanksgiving to mmogah customers and everyone

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<ol><li> 1. A Happy Thanksgiving Letter Written by One of Our Best Customer ServiceRepresentativesIve been working at Mmogah's company for many years, and have done thousandsmaybe millions of trades. We have tons of returning customers, and some of them arehard to forget, not because of how big order they place but how they like to do thetrades. Some of them have their own spot to trade, when I see their order comethrough, I know where we need to go in game to meet them, no need to ask wherewe meet in game nor invite to a party. For some customers they like a pre-trade chatin game, they don't have to contact Online Support to tell me how they want it to bedone every time they buy, because I know what exactly they want me to say in game.Those are the happy times for me, I feel proud, and I guess they also feel friendlymaybe even feel like home. For some I can tell that I have delivered their orderbefore.All Staff of Mmogah Thank for your support. Happy thanksgiving!AngelicaSource: Mmogah MMORPG News Center </li></ol>