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The published December 2012 edition of the Bobcat Banner


  • Volume 47, Issue 2

    December 2011 The


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    Commercializing Christmas

    Page 24Please excuse the

    name-droppingPage 27

    This censorship is

    Page 5

    Exchange smiles, not

    salivaPage 17

    Closer to Hell than a Merry

    ChristmasPage 11

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    A present the sporting world thought theyd never get - Page 12

    Spotlight! Teacher Edition - Page 31

    Holiday Gift Guide - Page 30

    First Generation: Students first in family to take on the obstacles of college - Page 15

    Miss. Takes: Teaching habits that drive students crazy - Page 22

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    As the snow (or rain) be-gins to fall, winter begins and so does our wishing for any repreve from school. Snow days! This is the when school seems to last the longest as we count down to our first official break. Well I would like to be the first to tell you congratulations because you have survived! Winter Break is here. I am sure we are all already thinking of what we will be doing over break like sleep-

    ing, skiing or snowboarding, maybe even celebrating holi-days (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa). I know I willl be curling up by the fire and maybe roasting some chestnuts. While this is a time for having fun, relax-ing, and getting ready to work even harder when we get back (yeah right), we must keep in mind that not everyone is as for-tunate. Not everyone will get

    to do what you are doing this holiday season. They might be out on the street or not be able to pay for gifts or food. Hundreds of thousands of people are unable to celebrate

    Christmas or other holidays because they dont have enough money and are not as lucky. It is important to

    not only spend this time relax-ing and being with family, but also thinking of those who are

    having a hard time this holi-day season and not as lucky.Adopt a FISH family, vol-unteer at a soup kitchen, or just spend sometime lend-ing a helping hand wherever needed. Be selfless, not selfish. Have a great Winter Break and happy holidays!

    Dear GBHS,

    Story By:ALEXIS CASTANOSEditor-in-Chief






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  • NewsAttention Generation Z - Riots in Oakland - Replacing Matt Shanafelt -

    Online classes - Latest updates in science - Gearing up for victory

    Photo: Associated Press/Bush

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  • Also, under the bills, skvbkvsdvsdkbvsdkvsh-dbvhksbvksbvkhsbkvksv-vvvvvsv , and I think vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv .

    5BANNER 2011


    Censorship is Attention Generation Z:

    Currently, two bills are making their way through the United States Senate and House committees that may change the way you consume content.

    The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Pro-tect IP Act (PIPA) establish expanded protections for copyrighted materials and enforcement of protections

    against websites that deal in counterfeit goods and intellectual property in-fringement. The two bills approach the same problem in slightly different ways.

    This is bananas!SOPA PIPA Under SOPA, copyright hold-ers and the federal government can sue websites that enable or facilitate intellectual property infringement. It is far-reach-ing and is intended to nab any-one in the chain of commerce who violates copyright laws or who deals in counterfeit goods - and yes, that includes those pirating music. For example, the dealer in counterfeit goods, portals that provide access to the dealers website, and payment facilita-tors such as Pay-Pal, can all be swept up in SOPAs net. There is also a carrot to go with this stick: ISPs that take action against violators are given immunity from unin-tentional participation. Finally, private suits for damages are authorized.

    PIPA is similar in operation, but is unabashed about its fo-cus on foreign websites. In ad-dition, PIPA seems to place an onerous compliance burden on Internet service providers and search engines, as, once a court order is entered iden-tifying a rogue site, it requires them to take technically feasi-ble and reasonable measures to remove or disable access to the offending site and to delete all hyperlinks to that site. Most ISPs, search engines and portals including Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and Twitter oppose these bills, while content producers, such as publishers, the motion pic-ture industry, and other busi-nesses that produce content and goods, support the bills.

    Who supports them? Interestingly, the bills have received both bi-partisan support and bi-partisan opposition. Techies opine that the technical requirements associated with block-

    ing websites will inter-rupt legitimate Internet traffic and either slow the Internet to a crawl or break it. Civil libertarians com-plain that the bills re-

    strict free expression of free exchange of ideas, as well as encourage censor-ship and illegal searches. Neither bill has passed its chamber yet, and there is much yet to reconcile

    between the two bills, as the lobbying by trade and political groups be-gins in earnest.

    Under SOPA, one could be sentenced to five years in prison for uploading an M.J. song.

    Covering popular songs on Youtube will be effectually outlawed. That means Jus-tin Bieber could have served jailtime.

    Lamar Smith (R-TX) and 12 co-sponsers introduced the Stop Online Piracy Act on Oct. 26, 2011.

    Photo: Mem

    ber Guide

    Story by:MATT RIZIK Design Editor





  • The occupy spirit


    assembled at the downtown encampment. They eventually occupied a nearby abandoned building, from which some

    The Occupy movement continues to degenerate to chaos as violence erupts in Oakland, California. A small band of protesters began to vandalize and light fires at what should have been a peaceful march on Oaklands port on Nov. 2. Police equipped with riot control gear and tear gas were forced to intervene, arresting over 100 individuals. This marks the second violent clash in two weeks in this California community.

    As a crowd 7,000 deep descended on the port the evening of the second, the group of what Oakland police chief Howard A. Jordan called anarchists and provocateurs

    began to throw rocks, Roman candles, and Molotov cocktails at police officers, initiating the violence. Internal struggles were made evident; not only did

    Occupy Oakland protester runs from teargas in Oakland, Calif. Several hundred rallied through the night with some painting graffiti, breaking windows and setting fire to garbage cans.

    Photo: Berger

    Riots in Oakland:thrives despite its many setbacks

    Who are you? This isnt what this is about!

    protesters clash with law enforcement, but many also butted heads with other mem-bers of the movement. A large

    group of protesters arrived wearing Guy Fawkes masks, which have come to represent anarchy and chaos. Others began to break windows and cover local storefronts with graffiti. Many of the peaceful prot- esters castigated the anar-chists, yelling, The police are not your enemy! Another yelled, Who are you? That isnt what this is about! While many simply expressed their disapproval of specific aspects of the government, fringe groups condemned the gov-ernment entirely, expressing their profound enmity though violence. It would seem that the lack of order and centralization and initiation of violence would weaken the movement, but as local rapper Boots Riley stated, There are large disagreements inside the movement, but thats actually what pushes us forward. Though much has impeded progress in this protest, there have been considerable gains. The peaceful individuals have become unified by ideals and by goals; many worked to-gether to make up for damages done in the days following the altercation at the port. The Frank H. Ogawa Plaza has been renamed the Oscar Grant Plaza, in memory of a young unarmed man who was fatally shot by police in 2009. Even the mayor of Oakland has applauded the mostly


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