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    Happy Holidays

  • Editor's NoteDo you ever feel like the holidays get away from you? I certainly do. With our calendar jam packed with family events, school programs, and office parties I rarely have time to actually enjoy the holidays. This year I plan on taking time to truly embrace the holiday spirit. Translated that means I'm going to make a list of things I want to accomplish this season. I'm a bit of a list keeper, and I always feel a bit more in control of things when I'm working from a "to do" chart. I'd love to say that on my own I will remember all the fun holiday traditions we want to start this year, but sadly I won't unless I write it down.

    I thought I'd give you a peek into some of the items that made my "Holiday To Do" list:

    * Wrap up our holiday books. Then unwrap and read one each night.* Create an entire gingerbread village.* Drive through the illuminated holiday village in town.* Try new flavors of hot cocoa.* Purchase a gift for a child in need.* Create a Christmas playlist for my mp3 player.

    I'm already feeling reassured that my list will help me feel the magic of this holiday season. As you read through the pages of this book, take note of the ways our design team is also helping to make the season shine. I know you'll be inspired to create your own "Holiday To Do" list of memories and traditions you want to create and preserve this holiday season. Watch for helpful icons throughout the book that will help you "take note" of ways to make your own memories magical!

    Wishing you a happy holidays to you and yours!

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    Credits: Photography CEEBEE - Courtney Winnie

    Contributors Danielle Flanders, Kandis Smith, Leslie Ashe, Patricia Kumfer, Shaunte Wadley, Wendy Sue Anderson



  • C H E E R F U L C A R D S - P e r s o n a l i z e d h o l i d a y c a r d s f o r f a m i l y a n d f r i e n d s .

    L O V E LY L AY O U T S - B e a u t i f u l l y d o c u m e n t a l l y o u r h o l i d a y m e m o r i e s f r o m d e c k -i n g t h e h a l l s , t o C h r i s t m a s E v e , t o t h e b i g d a y ' s e v e n t s .

    C L E V E R TA G S - C r e a t e d i m e n s i o n a l t a g s t h r o u g h s t i c k e r s , b r a d s , a n d d i e c u t s h a p e s .






  • 4 Cristmas CardsAdmit it! You have enough supplies in your stash to make holiday cards a million times over. And what could be more fun than cutting, inking, and layering pretty things to make cards for those you love. Crank up your favorite holiday album and get card creative!


  • The Stockings Were Hungby Kandis Smith

    Supplies:* DSH3003 Dots & Stripes

    Christmas Sleigh Ride/Medium Dot Patterned Paper

    * DHS3005 Dots & Stripes Christmas Tinsel Small Dot Patterned Paper

    * DSH3006 Dots & Stripes Christmas Snowy Pine Small Dot

    * DSH3014 Dots & Stripes Christmas Element Stickers

    * Scallop Border Punch* Pearl Stickers* Kraft Twine* Sewing Machine* Tan Sewing Thread

    Tie stocking stickers to a holiday sentiment sticker to mimic the look of stockings hung on the chimney.

    1. Cut a 5 1/2 x 4 1/4" rectangle from the "Tinsel Small Dot" patterned paper and mount on a white card base.

    2. Zig Zag stitch around the card with tan sewing thread.3. Punch a scallop border from the "Snowy Pine Small Dot"

    patterned paper and mount at the top of the card.4. Cut a 4 x 3 1/2" rectangle from the "Sleigh Ride Medium Dot"

    patterned paper and mount on the bottom of the card.5. Mount "The Stockings were Hung" sticker on the top of the card

    with adhesive foam squares.6. Mount the stockings on the card with adhesive foam squares.7. Tie twine into bows and glue to the top of each stocking.8. Add pearl stickers to the stickers.

    Card is 5 1/2 x 4 1/4"


  • Happy Holidaysby Kandis Smith

    Supplies: SG21004SeasonsGreetings

    Christmas Ads Patterned Paper SG21013SeasonsGreetings

    Journaling Cards Patterned Paper SG21014SeasonsGreetings12x12

    Element Sticker SG21021SeasonsGreetings

    Layered Chipboard RedTwine Burlap SewingMachine TanSewingThread

    Card is 4 1/4 x 5 1/2"


  • Welcome to the crafting crossover revolution! Fabric, sewing, beading, and many other crafts are making the jump to scrapbooking. If you have a second or third hobby, find a way to incorporate your supplies and skills into your scrapbook pages and paper crafting projects. Its all part of the process for helping your design reflect your personal style.

    1. Cut a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2" rectangle from the "Christmas Ads" patterned paper and machine stitch to the front of a card base with tan sewing thread.

    2. Mount the scallop border on the bottom of the card and trim off excess.

    3. Cut a 4 x 1" strip from burlap fabric and mount on the bottom of the card.

    4. Cut the holly berries journaling card from the "Journaling Cards" patterned paper and wrap red

    twine around the center of the card several times before tying into a bow.

    5. Mount the journaling card on the card with adhesive foam squares.

    6. Mount the tree sticker from the "Element Stickers" sheet on the card with adhesive foam squares.

    7. Mount the "Happy Holidays" sticker from the "Layered Chipboard" sheet on the card.

    Check out the nubby texture of the border strip on this card created by the burlap fabric glued to the bottom of the card.


  • Ho, Ho, Hoby Leslie Ashe

    Supplies: HJ20023HollyJollyChristmas6x6

    Paper Pad HJ20021HollyJollyChristmas

    Layered Chipboard HJ20014HollyJollyChristmas

    12x12 Element Sticker BlackCardstock ScallopBorderPunch

    1. Cut a 10 x 5 1/2" strip from black cardstock and fold in half to form the card base.

    2. Cut a 5" square from the green chevron patterned paper from the 6x6" paper pad and mount in the center of the card.

    3. Punch four large scallop borders from the red dot patterned paper sheet from the 6x6" paper pad.

    4. Layer two scallop borders on top of each other and mount on the top and the bottom of the card.

    5. Cut the "happy holidays" border sticker from the "Element Sticker" sheet in half and mount at the top of each scallop border. Trim off excess.

    6. Mount the "snowman" and the "street sign" stickers from the "Layered Chipboard" sheet on the card.

    7. Mount the "Hox3" sticker on the card.

    Create a double scalloped border by punching two scallop strips of patterned paper. Layer one scallop over the other and gently bend back each scallop of the top layer.

    Card is 5 1/2 x 5 1/2"


  • Have Joyby Kandis Smith

    Supplies: DSH3013Dots&Stripes

    Christmas Holly Berry Large Dot Patterned Paper

    DSH3006Dots&StripesChristmas Snowy Pine Small Dot Patterned Paper

    DSH3015Dots&StripesChristmas Alpha Stickers

    DSH3014Dots&StripesChristmas Element Stickers

    SG21006SeasonsGreetingsVintage Santa Patterned Paper

    SG21020SeasonsGreetingsAssorted Brads

    VintageLace PearlStickers RedButton KraftTwine SewingMachine TanSewingThread CornerRounderPunch

    1. Cut a 12 x 4" strip from the "Holly Berry Large Dot" patterned paper and fold in half to form the card base.

    2. Use a corner rounder punch to round the right top and bottom corners of the card (front and back).

    3. Cut a 6 x 2" strip from the "Snowy Pine Small Dot" patterned paper and mount on the center of the card.

    4. Cut a 4 x 2" rectangle from the "Vintage Santa" patterned paper and mount on the green strip.

    5. Machine zig zag stitch around the rectangle with tan sewing thread.6. Mount a 6" strip of vintage lace at the top of the green and snowflake border.7. Hand cut a banner shape from kraft cardstock and mount at the top of the card.

    8. Machine zig zag stitch the banner in place with tan sewing thread.9. Mount the "green banner" sticker at the top of the kraft border with adhesive

    foam squares.10.Add the "have" sentiment with the white "Alpha Stickers" to the green banner.11. Add pearl stickers to the green banner sticker.12. Add the "JOY" sentiment with the silver "Alpha Stickers" to the kraft banner.13.Thread twine through a red button and mount the button on the "o" of the

    sentiment.14.Use a paper piercer to poke two holes in the right edge of the green border strip.15.Mount two brads from the "Assorted Brads" pack in the holes.

    Card is 6 x 4"

    Create your holiday sentiment by combining sticker letters in different font styles and colors.


  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    by Kandis Smith

    Supplies: SG21012SeasonsGreetings

    Borders Patterned Paper SG21005SeasonsGreetings

    Holly Patterned Paper SG21002SeasonsGreetings

    Poinsettias Patterned Paper SG21014SeasonsGreetings12x12

    Element Sticker SG21020SeasonsGreetings

    Assorted Bards SG21021SeasonsGreetings

    Layered Chipboard RedRibbon PearlStickers SewingMachine TanSewingThread

    Card is 5 1/2 x 4 1/4"


  • Everyone has their favorite go-to adhesive. Use a wet, clear adhesive for adhering small items that need a strong hold. Use glue dots for a strong hold with a dry fix. Use a tape runner for holding thinner, lighter materials. Experiment with differen


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