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Happy Healthy Handsome Hounds. Charissa Smith BVSc Acacia Animal Care 2008. All beings are entitled to their own dreaming: Peggy Fleming, W.A. Aboriginal artist Your Dreaming or the Dog Dreaming. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Charissa Smith BVScAcacia Animal Care 2008

  • All beings are entitled to their own dreaming:Peggy Fleming, W.A. Aboriginal artist

    Your Dreaming or the Dog Dreaming

  • Certainty : Security Does it exist? Do we question?

    If so, what is the price?

    Reassurance and Safety versus Uncertainty and Harder Work


    That is people want reassurance and safety and dont want to worrysomething easy, rather than uncertainty and a bit of hard workwhich is why fast food isnt fast enoughsomeone else has done all the thinking. E.g. vaccinate every year rather than visit your vet and think about more complicated stuff like diet and exercise!But just like diet and the consequences in humans, so do the animals suffer.. there is no free ride!That is people want reassurance and safety and dont want to worrysomething easy, rather than uncertainty and a bit of hard workwhich is why fast food isnt fast enoughsomeone else has done all the thinking. E.g. vaccinate every year rather than visit your vet and think about more complicated stuff like diet and exercise!But just like diet and the consequences in humans, so do the animals suffer.. there is no free ride!

  • Health Maintenance

    The guiding star of life Of which we are all a part.

  • Health MaintenanceDisease prevention:The chemical load..


    Worms/ Protozoa: Heart and Intestines

    Fleas/ Lice / Mites


  • Health MaitenanceBreeding:

    Performance: AppearanceAppearance : HealthDisease preventionGene poolAI and Technical changeDrug modification

  • Health MaintenanceFood: Breed and Lifestyle


  • Health MaintenanceNurture: Breed and LifestyleExercise




  • VaccinationDistemper : Herpes 3 vaccines /life, lcyte suppressionMixed virusesParvo: Enterovirus Huge fluctuations, mixed causal pathology, 2c only partially covered by present vaccineHepatitis: Adenovirus CAV1 and 2 ?1 vaccine per lifeCorona virus: Fluctuates, mixed causal pathologyLeptospirosis: Spirochaete: UnkownKennel cough: Mixed causality Virus and BacteriaRabies: Lyssa virus yearly, travelling Tetanus: Bacteria 5 yearly ?

  • 3 yearsDuration of immunity for canine and feline vaccines: a reviewAuthors: Ronald D SchultzJournal: Veterinary MicrobiologyIn our studies aimed at assessing the minimum duration of vaccinal immunity (DOI), approximately 1000 dogs have been vaccinated with products from all the major US veterinary biological companies. The DOI for the various products is determined by antibody titers for all dogs and, by challenge studies in selected groups of dogs. Recently, all major companies that make canine vaccines for the U.S. market have completed their own studies; published data show a 3 years or longer minimum DOI for the canine core products, canine distemper virus (CDV), canine parvovirus type 2 (CPV-2), and canine adenovirus-2 (CAV-2). Studies with feline core vaccines - feline parvovirus (FPV), calicivirus (FCV) and herpes virus type I (FHV-1) have shown a minimum DOI of greater than 3 years. Based on these results, the current canine and feline guidelines (which recommend that the last dose of core vaccines be given to puppies and kittens > or =12 weeks of age or older, then revaccination again at 1 year, then not more often than every 3 years) should provide a level of protection equal to that achieved by annual revaccination. In contrast, the non-core canine and feline vaccines, perhaps with the exception of feline leukaemia vaccines, provide immunity for < or =1 year. In general the effectiveness of the non-core products is less than the core products. Thus, when required, non-core vaccines should be administered yearly, or even more frequently.01/11/2006; 117(1):75-9. I

  • References mixed vaccineEffects of vaccines on the canine immune system.T R Phillips, J L Jensen, M J Rubino, W C Yang, and R D SchultzDepartment of Pathobiological Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison 53706.

    Can J Vet Res. 1989 April; 53(2): 154160.

  • Immunity

    Immunity increases by continual exposure

    Immunity can drop with stress( change)/ weakness

    Organisms get stronger the more animals they infect:passage

  • Vaccination ProgammsDistemper Hepatitis and Parvo10 and 14 weeks 12-15 months 7 years of age Not under 8 weeksYearly titre tests : QML all but PI and BT 3 year vaccination not under 6 weeks

  • Vaccination :Kennel cough:

    killed by Heat and steam, quaternary ammonium

    Vaccine contains: CAV2, Para Influenza and Bordatella

    Caused by CDV, CAV2, P inf, and Bordatella

  • Vaccination: Leptospira..spirochaete bacteria: Infects humans and 2.5% healthy dogs:AVJ Zwijnenberg RJG et al 2008 vol 86 p317 22 serotypes , mixed infections Survival: water or fluids, moderate temperatures around 25 C (77 degrees F) and neutral or slightly alkaline pH. eg Stagnant water or slowly flowing streams , flooded conditions. Killed by dry very quickly Yearly vaccination before summer

    Urine-soaked soil six months

    Milk from infected dairy cows

  • Simple Puppy Vaccination RegimePuppy: Choice 10 and 14 weeks C318 weeks Kennel cough: Parainfluenza and Bordatella 22 weeks Parainfluenza ( Novotec Vaccine , no Hepatitis)Never under 6 weeksAT Risk: transport, leaving home early6weeks C3, 10 weeks C4 plus Bordatella 14 weeksC4 plus Bordatella8 weeks C3 12 weeks C4 plus Bordatella, 16 weeksC4 plus Bordatella: Avoid double dose of hepatitis vaccine

  • From then OnTitre tests Yearly: These are available for all diseases except para influenza and bordatella. If the titre test is low, parvo particularly can be of concern, boost the immune system herbally/ homeopathically and retest, or vaccinate if there is an imminent risk. Any hepatitis or distemper titre means the animal is immune.Costs approximately: Consulting fee: $44 Taking blood: $40Lab accession fee covers all blood sent at the one time: $40 Cost of titre test: approx $50 per disease

  • LeptospirosisPuppies at risk only first vaccine 16 weeks then two more 3 weeks apart. This vaccine can have both liver and kidney side effects. Do not give with other vaccines. Greater risk than kennel cough if there is a big contamination.thenTwice yearly vaccination with the correct vaccine for the type of leptospirosis in your area, ask your vet. Titre test first.Cold and dry kill this organism. Dry out all rat affected areas if possible.Or 1 month before the beginning of the rainy season, if there is a defined dry season.

  • Corona VirusOnly at risk intensive situations where there is a build up of fecal contamination and a hisory of debilitating diarrhoa in puppies.This is not commonIf it is occurring it is a sign of inadequate immune systems.This vaccine should not be given within 2 weeks of other vaccines. It is not needed in healthy adults, and Will not stop the cause if there is an immune system problem.

  • TetanusOnly to dogs under 6 months when very high risk, hunting, pig baiting with horsesVaccine dose 6 months, then a month later sub cut, then in 12 months then every 5 years.However not recommended as horse based protein, and can cause reactions when given other horse based serum eg tick and snake antivenine,Dogs have generally high resistance to tetanusTitre test before vaccinating even if at risk.

  • Holistic MedicineRescue remedy : Flower and Shell essences

    Homeopathic Medicine: Viral Prevention and Treatment, Immune and Behavior: Ultradilute

    Herbal Medicine


  • Jean Dodds and Thyroid Pannel

    Vaccine reactions and autoimmunity

    Prevalence and Relevance

    Thyroiditis as a breed autoimmune marker

  • Breeding

    Disease testingDisease registerBreeding certificates for registered breedersAnd for Health and Breeding certificatesFor their dogs

    Widening the gene pool AI, technical alterations and implications

  • FoodFresh

    Organic:Environmental contamination

    Dry food: Wet Preserved

  • FoodEnergy versus Protein

    Fat versus Muscle

    The Importance of Fat, Vegetables and CHO:Exercise and Breed

    The importance of change : gut bacteriaand the seasons

    Fresh food for Dogs and Cats Clare Middle

  • NurtureRelaxation: to be

    or not to be

  • NurtureExercise: Age and StageType of Person

  • Companionship:

    LanguageSeparation Pack structureHomeopathic medicines

  • Nurture




  • Rascal experiencing hygienecompanionship and exercise

  • Chief White Cloud. It is the duty of man to preserve the earthand the creations of the great spirit, mankind being but a grain of sand in the holy circle which encloses all life.

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