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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To: Raziya aka TheCandyCrush From: NewB

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!To: Raziya aka TheCandyCrushFrom: NewB

The princess of darknessLol okay this is a lectureWe have always had our squabbles and it was really fun especially when someone argues with youEspecially when I found out you were desiO.o I knew this bieieieieietch aint gonna give up on a fight so I invited you to join me and mercy on the darksideYea and I totally won the rap battlez

The co-vehicle whoreI never really knew you until you were in TRSI like the way that even though you try at the game and fail miserably gives me a lot of rev pointsYea I still need your tags from the time that you hacked me underwaterThe LAV ramming you do couldve been better ;)The bad JuJu never fell upon you you were just blinded by my awesome swag!BUT them v-bags were never better ;)

Kinky killah kittiesYea this is one really kinky kittySpends most of her time at the club( which I prefer more than shopping)She gives them hookers a good time and seems to enjoy herself while at itYea she seems to have a bestie that goes clubbing with her and shows her all the spots(especially the playboy mansion)She does get weally sad when she gets killedThe Kinkiest Killah Kittie that has existed

KIK bffNow from what I know so far (still investigating this) you are a hardworking, very caring for your familyAlways trying to get me to rage ( never worked tho)Really hilarious and cute Her hindi couldve been better in all aspectsWe are like the same person except you are the kinkier and less nerd side of that personWe experience the same stuff that goes on in a typical household

The main messageWatch out I still need your tags unless you can come up with a compromiseLove how we give each other the most shit but still remain friends Them detective skills you have when analysing something are higher than a desi levelThat chat with my mum holyabsolute crack upAlso when she said she coming to your house for chai when I came to Sydney. :p Your random meowing is always cute !

Dont ever change!!Perfect just the way you areYour kinkiness does get out of hand sometimes but you live in a strict family where you dont get to express yourself that oftenso we understandWe are both pagli and pagla by our actionsbut Im definitely more pagla than you This is a card from the followingOlaF,Fayedy,NewB,NewBStaH,Bad JuJu, Uzii, RauL,Niqqah, Banana and the others

Newest linkUp until now I never really had a friend that was as emotional as deep as you.Most of em were derpsNow battlefield is not the same without youAnd if we dont talk for a week the consequences could be catastrophic.Candy Crush