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  1. 1. Introducing the Kiddo- of Section A Jab MAin Choti BACHCI Thi Padhai LiKhie mAin bAhut KarRi THi IIT mujhe jaana tha Par yeh KYA!!! IIM mein AA gai By the way- few corrections!!!!-Main ABHI Bhi Bahut CHOTI BaCCHi Hoon And Padhai Likhie Bhi BaHUt KaRTi Hoon
  2. 2. Main Hoon
  3. 3. The Secret Crush of Many Miss Professional That Traditional Girl- Wanna take me to your mother?!! I am..
  4. 4. Lost Count of How Many times I have been on stage
  5. 5. Meri Favourite Line Mirror Mirror on The wall!!!! Hope I am the slimmest of all.. PS. She puts sugar free in her tea to shed that 0.0000000011 g of weight that she has put on Mera Favourite Pose
  6. 6. Come to feed me tonight CaloriesI do not mind today As it is my..