happy birthday! ^^

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Hi Magnus

Hi Magnus!:D First of all I want to say you happy birthday!(

I wanted to make something special for you for this special day!:D

Since I cant really send you a present or something like this.. I made something for you that I hope itll make you smile and youll be happy!

** Dont get down too fast! ^^ otherway youll see the pictures in advance!( First I tough: What can I do for him to make him happy? And then I had an idea!

Thats how itll goes..

Magnus, The first time we talked, it seemed normal just like others conversation. But we became friends very fast!:D Youre a very nice person! Youre romantic, kind, nice and you care about others. You like watching movies, running, grapes, stay up late, sunrise and you can be calm as you can be crazy !:)Youre really a good friend! And I wouldnt want to loose you for anything! I know Im not perfect. Im very awkward, I fail in stairs, I post replies to my own wall and somethime Im smiling for nothing . But I hope youll still my friend Nevertheless that. ^^

Because Ill always be there for you! And you knew that! No matter what will happen! I want to be there for you even when youre happy



24h / 24 h!(

During the day:

Or the night!:

Ill be your friend no matter what!!!!!!

Oh! I almost forgot !(

Youre better smiling right now!Otherway you know that Ill beat you! ^^

And especially dont forget that even if were only talking on the internet, you still very important for me and youre one of the best friends Ive ever had! Nerver forget that Dork!^^Finally, I tried to write you happy birthday in chinese:P there is the result:

If its wrong dont laugh at me please:P I tried my best for the handwriting:P Its more complicated than I tough^^ Anyway! I wish all the happiness and love you want! You deserve it! Its your day only for you!(

Happy birthday Magnus!:D

See ya ! Peace!