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HAPPY 1st Mothers Day Tamiya Jones 5/12/2013

HAPPY 1st Mothers DayTamiya Jones5/12/2013

In the beginning it was only you.

Then along came Me!

Who could have ever imagined we would end up a Family!

This road we've traveled was rough along the way!

All we had to look forward to was another waking day!

Then Jesus stepped in and threw a small twist!

A beautiful baby girl I knew one day would exist!

So On Your First Mothers Day We Love You So Much!

For Blessing this Family With Your Warm And Loving Touch!

There are times when only moms can understand our tears!

Soothe every disappointment and calm every fear!

So dont mind putting aside your chores today to play!

Daddy will make sure everything is A okay! On your 1st Mothers Day!

Happy 1st Mothers Day!