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1-page handout shared with attendees of BDPA Cincinnati chapter program meeting on January 16, 2014. The guest speaker was Gerald Smith (Sogeti USA)


  • 1.Sogeti USALocal Touch Global ReachAgile Methodology: What's the Big Deal? How to Start an Agile TransformationPresented at the 2014 January BDPA-Cincinnati Chapter Meeting Presented at the 2013 Southwest Ohio PMI Chapter April Mega Event Presented at the 2013 February Agile Cincy Membership Meeting, Cincinnati, OH Presented at the 2012 PMI North American Global Congress Vancouver, BC, CA Presented at the 2012 IBM Rational Innovate Conference Orlando, FL2012 Copyrightwww.us.sogeti.com

2. Local Touch Global ReachAgendaBackground on CompanyTypical IT EnvironmentWhy Chose Discipline Agile?Transformation StrategyTransformation ResultsBenefitsQuestions and Answers2012 CopyrightAgile Transformations are a Marathon, Not a Sprint!www.us.sogeti.com3 3. Local Touch Global ReachAbout The Company Client A Fortune 100 company 2013 sales: $96.8B+ Hold #1 or #2 share in 38 of our 42 major markets. 35+ manufacturing plants supply 2 out of every 5 corporate brands units sold 335,000+ associatesIT Organization 1,270+ associates Certified Scrum Masters & Project Managers2012 Copyrightwww.us.sogeti.com4 4. Local Touch Global ReachTypical IT Environment2012 Copyrightwww.us.sogeti.com5 5. Local Touch Global ReachTypical IT Environment Tiered EnvironmentProject/Program MgmtInfrastructureSoftware Development/ Support2012 Copyrightwww.us.sogeti.com6 6. Local Touch Global ReachTypical Project Delivery Duration Approx. 60% of project completed before capital is given.TRaTRbTRcTGxTGwTGzTGyInitiateDefineReqs.AnalysisDesignConstructTestImplementClose2 mons2-3 mons.4-8 mons.2-3 mons.3-4 mons.6-8 mons.6-8 mons.3 mons.2 mons.ROI/IRR30 48 month durations Approx. 2.5 to 3.5 yrs13 20 mons. +1 yr2012 Copyrightwww.us.sogeti.com7 7. Local Touch Global ReachWhy Choose Disciplined Agile Formal governance Teams need to stick to a [release] plan Measurements Role clarity Transparency Faster, Cheaper, Better Directive DevOps2012 Copyrightwww.us.sogeti.com8 8. Local Touch Global ReachAgile Scaling Model (ASM) Core Agile Development Focus is on construction Goal is to develop a high-quality system in an evolutionary, collaborative, and self-organizing manner Value-driven lifecycle with regular production of working software Small, co-located developing straightforward software Disciplined Agile Delivery Extends agile practices to address full system lifecycle Risk and value-driven framework Self organization within an appropriate governance framework Refined solution due to involvement of core and extended team membersAgility@Scale Disciplined agile delivery and one or more scaling factors applies 2012 CopyrightSource: Ambler, Scott Disciplined Agile Deliverywww.us.sogeti.com9 9. Local Touch Global ReachFaster, Cheaper, BetterValueQuality2012 CopyrightProductivityPredictabilitywww.us.sogeti.com10 10. Local Touch Global ReachScaling FactorsTeam SizeUnder 10 Developers1000s DevelopersGeographically DistributedCo-Located teams (same room)Globally Distributed ResourcesEnterprise DisciplineProject FocusedEnterprise FocusedProblem DomainStraightforwardEmerging / IntricateComplianceLow RisksCritical / Audited (ISO 9000, CFR 21)Project ComplexityHomogenousHeterogeneous / LegacyOrganization DistributionCollaborative (Single Organization)Contractual (Multiple Vendors)Organizational StructureFlexibleRigid2012 Copyrightwww.us.sogeti.com11 11. Local Touch Global ReachScaling Factors DiPDArea of FocusDescription Scaling FactorsRisk Value Life CycleIterative Risk ManagementExpand to the entire project lifecycle, not just software developmentRelease PlanningIterative DevelopmentCore practices found in SCRUMWhole TeamTeam DevelopmentTo help overcome the organizational structure factors that can negate team developmentShared VisionUser Story Driven DevelopmentCore practices found in SCRUMBusiness Value FocusBusiness CaseA measure to ensure working software is planned for, developed, tested, demonstrated, and delivered at the end of each iterationProduct Owner AcceptanceDisciplined iterative Project Delivery 2012 Copyrightwww.us.sogeti.com12 12. Local Touch Global ReachTransformation Strategy Enterprise transformations within any company are difficult in the best of circumstances and usually must be staged across its organization and spread out over time.Knowing this, one option is to create a hybrid delivery framework with a focus on an iterative approach for strategic enterprise capital projects based on a common set of principles. It is important to think of the effort to create the iterative delivery framework as a project.As such, there are steps as it progresses.ReadinessDeploymentSupportCoaching 2012 Copyrightwww.us.sogeti.com13 13. Local Touch Global ReachAgile Readiness The goal of the readiness step of the Agile adoption is to understand the current state of the project team and stakeholders.Setting Expectations for change.Establishing an overall strategy and plan for the engagement. Identify an Agile Coach Establish a strategy and roadmap for implementing agile Establish the agile methodology and practices framework Determine suitability of projects Decision Matrix Establish periodic progress meetings Assess engineering practices and agile mindset of the team Focus on having an agile mindset and cultural shift Identify a pilot project Co-locate the project team2012 Copyrightwww.us.sogeti.com14 14. Local Touch Global ReachAgile Deployment The goal of the deployment step is to execute the Agile approach and practices and help the team apply them to the project. Set up the agile planning tool Provide agile training Deploy the agile methodology and practices Hold periodic meetings to ensure deployment is on track and directionally correct2012 Copyrightwww.us.sogeti.com15 15. Local Touch Global ReachAgile Support The goal of this step is to provide the necessary support (tools, data gathering techniques, resolution of issues) to the pilot team deploying the iterative project delivery framework, and to improved as appropriate During this step meetings between the scrum master and project manager accomplished the following: Provide additional focus on tools and automation Meet with and educate cross-functional managers, stakeholders On-board new team members Report to senior management the pilot teams progress Collect and record metrics2012 Copyrightwww.us.sogeti.com16 16. Local Touch Global ReachAgile Coaching The goal of this step is to provide the necessary coaching and mentoring to the pilot team deploying the agile framework, and the validation to ensure that practices have actually been implemented and improved, as appropriate During this step an agile coach was used to: Provide continued coaching and mentoring Provide in-session validation of practices Provide periodic check-in meetings to monitor direction Provide periodic agile assessments to gauge adoption level Provide additional focus on tools and automation Groom local agile coaches identify and energize the agile user group2012 Copyrightwww.us.sogeti.com17 17. Local Touch Global ReachCreate a Book ClubLyssa Adkins, CST, PMP2012 Copyrightwww.us.sogeti.com18 18. Local Touch Global ReachTransformation Results2012 Copyrightwww.us.sogeti.com19 19. Local Touch Global ReachTransformation Results2012 Copyrightwww.us.sogeti.com20 20. Local Touch Global ReachTransformation Results2012 Copyrightwww.us.sogeti.com21 21. Local Touch Global ReachBenefits2012 Copyrightwww.us.sogeti.com22 22. Local Touch Global ReachTimeline Comparison InitiateDefineReqs.AnalysisDesignConstructTestImplementClose2 mons2-3 mons.4-8 mons.2-3 mons.3-4 mons.6-8 mons.6-8 mons.3 mons.2 mons.30 48 month durations Approx. 2.5 to 3.5 yrsFiscal Year 2011Features Delivered:Release 3Release 4Release 5Release 63 mons.2.5 mons.3.75 mons.3.25 mons.12.5 month durations Approx. 54 weeks2012 Copyrighti. Shopping List ii. QR Code Scan iii. Loyalty Points iv. Weekly Ads v. Rx Refills vi. My Store vii. User Profile viii. Digital Coupons ix. FAQs x. Customer Feedbackwww.us.sogeti.com23 23. Local Touch Global ReachProduct Owner Feedback I am proud that the team each contributes and wants to make the product better, and that we can/have been able to maintain an environment that fosters that inclusion and sense of freedom to contribute; each and every team member adds value each and every day we have pushed the platform well beyond the expectations of any one individual in the group, and the shared vision is much stronger than any one could have imagined initially we've done this all on a (relatively) low operational run rate, and are gaining in efficiency and through-put. -Director, Client A, Print and Interactive Communications, Advertising, and Gift Services Dept.2012 Copyrightwww.us.sogeti.com24 24. Local Touch Global ReachQ&A Raffle2012 Copyrightwww.us.sogeti.com25 25. Local Touch Global ReachContact Information: Gerald D. Smith, MBA, PMP, CSP Gerald.Smith@us.sogeti.com Phone: 513-325-6513 Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/agilecounsel Twitter: @gds005 Blog: http://gsmithcsp.wordpress.com2012 Copyrightwww.us.sogeti.com26 26. Local Touch Global ReachThank you2012 Copyrightwww.us.sogeti.com 27. Local Touch Global ReachReferences Ambler, Scott. Agile Criteria, Common Agile Scenarios. Scaling Agile Software Development for IT with Rational Tools: A Detailed View, Ambler, Scott What is Agile, Measurement Challenges. Introduction to Agile Delivery Workshop Kroll, Per. Measuring the Results of Your Agile Adoption - Using the Measured Capability Improvement Framework Rivera, Ted, Richard, Ed. Core Iteration Metrics. Agile and Lean Metrics: Quantifying Agile Adoption and Business Contribution across the Entire Value Stream ScrumSenses, Agile Metrics. http://ww.scrumsense.com/coaching/metrics Smith, Gerald, Agility Iteratively Whitepaper 2012 Copyrightwww.us.sogeti.com28