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  • A NOTE TO THE STUDENTS Dear Nizamians,

    At the Showtime, we tend to congratulate you for selecting, Nizam College for

    pursuing your Graduation/Post graduation.

    Every student walks into Nizam College with a dream to create a prosperous career. And

    that we at Nizam College dedicate all our efforts to change you to create those dreams come

    back true through a participative approach.

    The Career Guidance and Placement Cell at Nizam College, aims to produce every

    student that appropriate job opportunities, which might offer them a advantage in their career.

    This reference may be a handbook for all the queries of the scholars associated with

    Career Guidance and Placement Cell activities within the field. We are sure that you just can

    create best utilization of the Placement Cell resources like Campus Recruitment Training, Soft

    Skills Development, various career orientating seminars and workshops followed by campus


    For any further queries, please feel free to write to us at nizamcollegeplacements@gmail.com

    Wishing You a great success in your career

    Thanks & Regards

    Placement Team,

    Nizam College,

    Osmania University



    Enhance the employability skills among the students to meet out the corporate



    The Placement Team of Nizam College is devoted towards achieving 100% placements

    and leaves no stone unturned in getting ready achievement schedule of the year by tantalizing

    unit of time groups of various company sectors to make sure the graceful functioning of the

    Campus-Recruitment method. Meanwhile, various coaching programs, workshops, seminars,

    trade interactions, and additionally trade visits are conducted in parallel with regular one-on-one

    counseling for betterment of the students facing difficulties in interviews.

    V I S I



    O N



    S M I I O N

  • objective

    The objective of Career Guidance & Placement Cell is to provide employment

    opportunities and professional training to the students. At Nizam College, we foster a climate

    where collaboration with industry thrives, generating breakthrough discoveries, science and

    technology that can support continuous innovation and growth.

    With a perfect record of accomplishment of very productive relationships with

    corporations of all sizes, from start-ups to mature, successful enterprises, our institution provide

    the students education, research and connect them with excellent professionals and The Career

    Guidance and Placement cell of the college centrally handles campus placement of the

    graduating students of the college. The Cell provides complete support to the visiting companies

    at every stage of placement process. The Cell is well equipped with ample infrastructure in terms

    of Testing halls, consultancy Hall for Presentations, Pre-Placement Talks, Written Tests, Mock

    Interviews etc. Interviews and Group Discussions are conducted regularly minding the

    requirement of the visiting companies.


    Nizam College includes a career steering and placement cell for last fourteen years. It

    was started in 2004. This College includes a great history of over 130 years and continues to

    attempt for excellence even these days. It produces graduates and post graduates and doctorates

    of high caliber. The Centre provides pre-placement coaching in soft skills to UG & PG final year

    students to modify them to acquaint to the company requirements. The College helps students to

    face interviews & get jobs of their selection

    The center may be a distinctive institutional arrangement within the field primarily

    motivated to empower the student community specifically the poverty-stricken and also the poor

    in terms of providing coaching and securing employment at the tip of the ultimate year.

    Providing data, advice, steering and support for job-seeking students is taken into account a

    primary responsibility of the position cell.

  • The placement cell conjointly disseminates data concerning centers of excellence in

    education in India/abroad and also the accessibility of jobs from numerous corporations through

    the notice boards / WhatsApp cluster messages / Facebook Page

    (https://www.facebook.com/nizamcollegeplacements/) and school web site

    (http://nizamcollege.ac.in/placement-cell.html). Another hallmark of the college is that it

    conducts sporadically coaching programmes in soft skills like Personality Development, CV

    Writing, Communication Skills, power tests, Interview Technique etc. for the meriting students.

    Office opportunities are provided for UG & PG students by numerous corporations and most of

    the highest corporations across the state visit us for field accomplishment.

    Nizam College is registered with TASK (Telangana Academy for talent and Knowledge)

    throughout the educational years 2015-2016, 2016-2017 and 2017-2018. TASK is a non-profit

    organization created by Government of Telangana for delivery action among establishments of

    presidency, business with an objective of providing quality human resources and services to the

    business. TASK is facilitating the students by giving coaching to urge the roles in several


    The Placement and coaching Center is given a well-equipped workplace headed by a

    Placement officer, and assisted by an Assistant placement officer. There are also students as

    student coordinators from various faculties who help the center in organizing placements.


    http://www.facebook.com/nizamcollegeplacements/) http://www.facebook.com/nizamcollegeplacements/) http://nizamcollege.ac.in/placement-cell.html)


    Nizam College understands the demands of a dynamic industry and acts as a catalyst to

    enable Nizamians to prepare for a holistic career. To this end, off-campus and on-campus

    collaborative placement activities are organized such as training on career planning, personality

    development, industry institute interaction, industrial visits and campus placements. The

    Placement Cell initiatives are geared towards building a confident aspirant who can make an

    informed call in terms of finding the right company and career fit and is ready to face the rigors

    of the corporate world.

  • Career guidance cycle

    Career guidance is the activity and service carried out with the intention of assisting

    individuals across the age spectrum to make informed educational, training and professional


    Career guidance cycle should always follow the following steps:

    1. Know yourself:

    Self-awareness if the key! Understand your strengths, areas for improvement, values

    interests, traits and ambitions. This will help you follow your heart’s desire as well as

    acknowledge your strengths.

    2. Explore options:

    It’s paramount to have the necessary information and this requires occupational research as well

    as industry trends. Discover the career opportunities available for certain degrees. Take the

    chance to learn about your desired field!

    Know Yourself

    Take Action

    Performing Job Skills

    Exploring Options

    Get Focused

  • 3. Get focused:

    This will involve painting a picture of your dream future and planning your goals. At this stage

    stat make the important decisions essential to the achievement of these goals from an informed


    4. Take action:

    Make that first step! Begin the job search as well connecting with employers. Gain the necessary

    experience as you follow the path to your dream career.

    It’s important to note that career development starts with KNOW YOURSELF! Many people

    start with exploration, the reason millions of people are misaligned.

    These activities may take place on an individual or group basis. It could be traditionally face-to-

    face or carried out at a distance, where the two parties engage but do not meet; this could include

    internet-based services. They are carried out with the use of tools, talks, training and workshops.

    Activities and services offered include:

    o Self-assessment tests

    o Early career advice

    o Job search help and skills

    o Motivation talks

    o Etc

    As individuals pursue professional work identities in accordance to personal traits and the labor

    market’s demand for specific occupations, Career Guidance is central to individual’s career

    development and progress. Widely accepted is the fact that Career Guidance and Counseling

    develop an individual’s competencies in self-awareness, educational and occupational

    exploration as well as career planning. This service is offered by professional career counselors

    as well as career development facilitators.


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