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PATIENT EDUCATION CENTRE Patient Education Centre, In Community Medicine dept at KEM Hospital established since 2003. Aims to create awareness among the patient, their families & the community about various health problems,Their causation & ways to prevent and treat the diseases. This information enables them become more responsible towards their own health and adopt healthy lifestyles.The centre is engaged in developing health education material in various visual format (posters, flip-chart, digital panels, booklets.) Based on the needs assessment of beneficiary groups, the educational material is designed in user –friendly, easy to understand, pictorial format, in a series of 8-10 posters for each topic.PEC has developed the educational materials on various topics like care in pregnancy child health care, infectious diseases- malaria, dengue, TB & common mental illness. A series of posters on lifestyle diseases of diabetes, hypertension, addiction and cancers have been developed. Posters dispelling myths & misconception about blood donation, organ donation are also available.These educational posters are displayed in various OPDs and wards in the hospital & at various health centres in Mumbai and the state. various NGOs working in health have been using the posters & other materials developed by PEC for their outreach health camps in the community.Dr. Kamaxi Bhate / Dr.Shrikala Acharya Patient Education Centre, Dept of Community Medicine KEM Hospital , parel, Mumbai-400012.Telephone: 022 24107484Email: peckem@rediffmail.com pecgsmc@rediffmail.com




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