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  • 1. 14 October 2010 Fire Service Leadership Seminar Hamline University C. A. Weinstein Ethical Leadership in Fire Service

2. ELAs Guidelines for Grownups Confidentiality Expectations Engagement Respectful Candor Thoughtful Expediency Comfort and Fun 3. Agenda Introduction: Why does this matter? Leadership Challenges in Fire Service Ancient Ideas for Modern Departments Putting Ideas into Action 4. ELAs Fire Service Paradox 1 Where can we protect more lives and property? 5. ELAs Fire Service Paradox #2 Volunteer Public Employee Night Gig Self-Identity Team Member Individual Peer Subordinate Seeks Direction Seeks Autonomy Seeks Flexibility Work is Mission-Critical 6. What drives employee engagement? Source: Gallup G12 Summary 7. Clear expectations for my performance Materials and equipment Ability to do good work in assigned roles A supervisor who cares about me Co-workers committed to quality work Opportunities to learn and grow Source: Gallup G12 Summary Gallups six key factors 8. Empower others to make a positive difference 9. Ethical Leaders in Action Leadership Development Model Leading Self Leading Others Leading in Context 10. Ethical Leaders in Action Virtues of Ethical Leadership Clarity Creativity Competence Courage Service 11. Being serious about empowering others Exercising will in support of collective aims Service 12. Imagination and Vision Reality and analysis Moral Clarity: Values Clarity 13. Divergent thinking: out of the box Convergent thinking: in the box Problem- solving Creativity 14. Practical wisdom and judgment Technical knowledge Communi- cation Competence 15. Doing right, In the face of difficulty Courage 16. Describe a time when you saw this virtue in action in the fire service. Reflect and make notes as helpful. Select one story for the group to tell, and one lead storyteller. Draw a picture on your flip chart that helps to tell that story. Groups: North: Clarity South: Creativity East: Competence West: Courage Your turn! Working in groups 17. Pressure LOW HIGH HIGH Adapted from Social Discipline Window - Paul McCold and Ted Wachtel - 2000 TO WITH NOT FOR punitive relational neglectful permissive authoritarian stigmatising authoritative respectful indifferent passive protective easy/undemanding Relational Leadership Model 18. TO WITH NOT FOR Relational Leaders offer high pressure, high support Pressure How do you lead? 19. Past: What happened Observable events and facts First person and objective Present: Why it matters Consequences of actions. Implications Future: Required Changes, Directions Changes in actions or behaviors Reinforcement to repeat positive actions Fair Process is working WITH others Giving Feedback What does Relational Leadership teach us about giving feedback? 20. Fireground Firehouse Where do Communications Problems Arise? 21. Command Troops Within Teams Between Teams Key Questions: What must be Communicated? How can the Department Improve? What is the intended impact of improvements? What kinds of communication can we improve? 22. Execute and Adapt Build Curriculum Engage Participants Set Goals and Establish Basic Parameters Measure Basic Programming Approach 23. Comfort and Safety Current, tactical information. Ancient stories that reinforce shared values. New stories that also reinforce those values. If we arent telling stories, others surely are! The Oldest Leadership Program 24. Thank you for your attention! Chad Weinstein Ethical Leaders in Action, LLC cweinstein@ethinact.com 651-646-1512 We enable ethical leaders to achieve extraordinary results


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