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Hamlet is far from a perfect character. His depression and melancholy, however understandable,cause him to misunderstand Ophelia and The Queen. he kills polonius by mistake, but he also sends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to their deaths with clear calculation. Hamlet's insistence that even that part should be faced with courage, good humor and understanding which distinguishes him from the other characters and makes him Tragic Hero.


<ul><li> 1. Name: solanki jayshreeClass : M.A.Sem : 1Topic : Hamlet as Tragic HeroPaper No: 1Paper name: The RenaissanceLiteratureSubmitted to: Smt S.B. Gardy M.K.BhavnagarUniversity</li></ul> <p> 2. HAMLET AS TRAGIC HERO 3. Hamlet ,prince of Denmark.Heir presumptive to the Denis throne ,is depression srickenand plunged into miserable by the recent death of his fatherand the oerhasty remarriage of his mother to her late husband'sbrother ,who has succeeded to the throne. 4. Hamlets sweetheart Ophelia and his formerschoolfellow Rosencrantz and Guildenstern attempt todiscover from him the secret of his antic behavior.Before actually initiating his revenge , Hamlet wants tobe sureit will hit the guilty person.To this end, he arranges for a company of travellingplayers to present a drama in the castle that will depict themurder of his father as the ghost has described it. 5. When the king sees the crime reenacted , he cries outand rushes from the assembly. This action Hamlet takes tobe positive proof of his uncles guilt, and from this momenthe awaits only the right chance to kill him.After the play Hamlet visits his mothers apartment,where he mistakes polonius for the king and kills him. 6. The killing of Polonius drives Ophelia mad and alsoconvinces the king that Hamlet is dangerous and should begotten out of the way.He therefore sends Hamlet to England,accompaines byRosencrantz and Guildenstern, apparently to collect honor,but in reality to be murdered.However,Hamlet eludes this trap by substituting thenames of his one-time schoolfellows. 7. He reaches Denmark in time for the funeral ofophelia,who has it appears that downed herself.Laertes , her brother ,has returned from Paris vowingrevenge onHamlet for the death of his father.The king helps Laertes by arranging a fencing matchbetween the two young men and seeing to it that Laertessweapon is naked and poisoned. 8. Laertes wounds Hamlet, the rapiers change hands ,andHamlet wounds Laertes; the Queen drinksthe poisoned wine, and Laertesconcusses his part in the treachery to Hamlet, who thenstabs the king to death.All the principals are thus dead, and young Fortinbras ofNorway becomes king of Denmark.Tragedy ends with a funeral, which also celebrates avictory. </p>