halloween howls: jokes from the 4th grade

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4th graders use PowerPoint to create this holiday joke show for you after leaning about the Jokes & Riddle section of the library (818)


  • 1. HalloweenHowlsfrom 4R

2. AmayaWhat's a monster's favorite play? 3. (Romeo and Ghouliet!) 4. AmayaWhat do ghosts like for dessert? 5. (I scream!) 6. How do you fix a jack-o-lantern? 7. (With a pumpkin patch!) 8. Who won the skeleton beautycontest? 9. (No body!) 10. Where do baby ghosts go during theday? 11. (Dayscare!) 12. What do witches put on their hair? 13. (Scare spray!) 14. BY AshlynWhat do ghosts use to clean their hair? 15. Sham-boo! 16. by ashlynWhat room is useless for a ghost? 17. A living room! 18. What road has the most ghosts hauntingit? 19. (A dead end!) 20. By CarmenWho won the skeleton beautycontest? 21. No body! 22. CourtneyWhy are graveyards noisy? 23. (Because of all the coffin!) Courtney 24. What are a ghost's favorite pants? Courtney 25. (Boo jeans!)Courtney 26. Do you know how to make a witchitch?From Gus 27. You take away the w! 28. What road has the most ghostshaunting it?from drew 29. (A dead end!) 30. Which circus performers can see inthe dark?From drew 31. (The acro-bats!) 32. What is a scarecrow's favorite fruit?From drew 33. (Straw-berries!) 34. What breed of dog does Draculahave?Emily 35. (A bloodhound!) 36. Why don't bats live alone? 37. They like to hang out with theirfriends! 38. What breed of dog does Draculahave?geneva 39. (A bloodhound!) 40. What do ghosts use to clean theirhair? 41. Sham-boo!) 42. jadanWhat did the skeleton order fordinner? 43. (Spare ribs!) 44. From JakeWhat breed of dog does Draculahave? 45. (A bloodhound!) 46. From JakeWhich circus performers can see inthe dark? 47. (The acro-bats!) 48. What breed of dog does Draculahave?Libby 49. (A bloodhound!) 50. Why didn't the mummy have anyfriends?Lukas 51. Because he was wrapped up inhimself! 52. What do you call a skeleton whowon't work?nick 53. Lazy bones! 54. paqWhat breed of dog does Draculahave? 55. (A bloodhound!) 56. Why are graveyards noisy?Ruby 57. (Because of all the coffin!) 58. What is a cat's favorite color? 59. (Purr-ple!) 60. What room is useless for a ghost? 61. (A living room) 62. Where should a 500 poundmonster go?bryson 63. (On a diet!)