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Kids learn to add and manipulate slides, clip art, and text boxes in PowerPoint after being introduced to the 818 section of the school library


  • 1. Where do baby ghosts go duringthe day?Alaina

2. (Dayscare!) 3. Alysia .L. dayWhat road has the most ghostshaunting it? 4. (A dead end!) 5. Why did the skeleton go to the partyalone?Annie 6. (Because he couldn't find any body togo with him!) 7. Ben GrayhawkWhy are graveyards noisy? 8. Because of all the coffin! 9. Why is there a gate aroundcemeteries?caden 10. (Because people are dying to get in!) 11. Why do witches flyon brooms?CarsonCrawford 12. (Because vacuum cleaners are tooheavy!) 13. carsonHWhy do witches fly on brooms? 14. (Because vacuum cleaners are tooheavy!) 15. What do you get if you divide thecircumference of a jack-o-lantern byits diameter?christian 16. (Pumpkin pi!) 17. Which circus performers can seein the dark? 18. (The acro-bats!) 19. What position does a ghost play insoccer?Erin 20. (Ghoulie!) 21. Jesse MillanWhat's big, scary, and has threewheels? 22. A monster riding a tricycle 23. Josiah HawkWhat do witches ask for at hotels? 24. (Broom service!) 25. KaitlynWhat room is useless for a ghost? 26. (A living room!) 27. What's the problem with twin witches?KARLI 28. (You can't tell which witch is which!) 29. What's big, scary, and has threewheels?Maddy 30. (A monster riding a tricycle!) 31. Why didn't the mummy have anyfriends?By McKinley 32. (Because he was wrapped up inhimself!) 33. What do you do witha green monster?Nadelie 34. (Wait until she's ripe!) 35. What road has the most ghostshaunting it?noah 36. (A dead end!) 37. What do you call a skeleton whowon't work?Noraperagine 38. (Lazy bones!) 39. What's big, scary, and has threewheels?Seth Allred 40. A Monster Riding A Tricycle! 41. What did the skeleton order fordinner?Thomas Kellmer 42. Spare ribs!