halloween decoration ideas - handmade halloween candle holders

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Decorate your house this Halloween with some handmade candle holders and use them to scare and delight your friends and family!


  • Halloween Decoration Ideas - Handmade Halloween Candle Holders
  • Halloween brings out the kid in everyone. But while most of us might love those animated, life- sized Goblins and Mummy inflatable decorations, one doesnt need to spend a whole lot to decorate for Halloween. This simple project needs used materials or items you already have in your home. You just need some everyday supplies, and your imagination to have a spook-tacular Halloween this year
  • MATERIALS REQUIRED 1. Plain Glass Candle Holder 2. Modge Podge/ Glue 3. Copper Glitter Powder 4. Black Laces 5. Scissors
  • STEP # 1 First, take the candle holder and apply Modge Podge or glue on it with the help of a brush. Make sure that you cover the entire holder with it.
  • STEP # 2 After applying the adhesive on the candle holder, start sprinkling the copper glitter powder over it. Make sure to sprinkle it evenly all across the surface of the holder. Once done, keep the holder aside for a while so that the glitter dries up and sticks to the holder nicely.
  • STEP # 3 Apply some Modge Podge or glue on the brim of the candle holder. Take black lace and stick it as a border on the candle holder. Let it dry up a while.
  • STEP # 4 Once the lace is stuck, you can then repeat the process and make few more candle holders. You can also place a small witchs broom next to your holders once you are ready to display them.
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