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Project on Halloween crafts in CPI Navia de Suarna


  • 1.THIS IS HALLOWEEN! By Ropergo

2. Title: This is Halloween Level: 3rd cycle Primary Art contents: Different painting techniques, Sculptures and pictures, and expressing emotions. English contents: Materials, Halloween vocabulary and cultural awareness and emotions. Objectives:- To know new painting techniques. - To develop fine motor skills. 3. WATCH THE VIDEO AND ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS: - WHAT HALLOWEEN CREATURES CAN YOU SEE ? - HOW DO YOU FEEL IN HALLOWEEN? This is Halloween (Extract from The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton) 4. OUR SCARY WALLCHART 5. MATERIALS 6. MATERIALS SPONGE SCISSORS PAINT CONSTRUCTION PAPER PAPER 7. -Step 1: Make templates for the bat shape in construction paper. -Step 2: Make templates for the letters in your wallchart. -Step 3: Stick the templates with some sticky tape. 8. - Step 4: Paint the background on black paper with an sponge and some blue paint. - Step 5: Do it again but with red paint. - Step 6: Paint around the templates with some yellow and orange paint. - Step 7: Finally remove the templates. 9. OUR SCARY MONSTERS 10. MATERIALS 11. MATERIALS CARTON SCISSORS PAINT BRUSH EGG CARTON HOT GLUE 12. RED TISSUE PAPER BOX CUTTER AND LET`S GO! 13. -Step 1: Design the face of your monster on a sheet of paper. - Step 2: Draw it on the carton again. - Step 3: Paint your carton with the colour you like most. -Step 4: Cut the mouth of the monster. - Step 5: Paint the eyes of the monster made of egg carton. - Step 6: Glue the eyes or any decoration you have thought of. -Step 7: Put some red tissue paper in the mouth of the monster as mouth. 14. OUR WITCHES POTIONS BOOK 15. MATERIALS 16. MATERIALS CARDBOARD BOX WATERCOLOUR PAINTBRUSH PRINTERCOFFEEBLACK FELT TIP PEN 17. - Step 1: Make the binding of the book in cardboard. -Step 2: Paint the binding with some brown watercolour. -Step 3: Draw the design you have chosen with a balck felt tip pen. 18. -Step 4: Write a recipe on a computer and print it. -Step 5: Stain the recipes with some coffee and let it dry. 19. AND HERE YOU ARE! YOUR WITCHES POTIONS BOOK! 20. AND NOW ENJOY YOUR SCARY HALLOWEEN!