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Halloween decorations for kids


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2. HAUNTED HOUSE 3. LOLLIPOP GHOST 4. MATERIAL A black felt tip pen A string A lollipop Two white napkins 5. INSTRUCTIONS 1-Cover the lollipop with two napkins. 6. INSTRUCTIONS 2-Tie the napkins. 7. INSTRUCTIONS 3-Decorate it! 8. PAPER STRIP PUMPKIN 9. MATERIAL A ruler Sellotape Scissors A stapler A green cardboard An orange cardboard A pencil 10. INSTRUCTIONS 1-Draw 4 strips 2 cm wide. 11. INSTRUCTIONS 2-Cut them out. 12. INSTRUCTIONS 3-Stick the strips together. 13. INSTRUCTIONS 4-Staple the strips two by two. 14. INSTRUCTIONS 5-Join the strips to form a ball. 15. INSTRUCTIONS 6-Add some leaves. 16. RECYCLED CD PUMPKIN 17. MATERIAL A felt tip pen Sellotape Scissors An old CD A green cardboard An orange cardboard A stick of glue 18. INSTRUCTIONS 1-Draw two circles with the CD 19. INSTRUCTIONS 2-Cut it out 20. INSTRUCTIONS 3-Draw a scary face and cut it out. 21. INSTRUCTIONS 4-Stick the face onto the CD 22. PAPER PLATE SKULL 23. MATERIAL Scissors A black felt tip pen A white paper plate A pencil 24. INSTRUCTIONS 1-Draw the skull shape 25. INSTRUCTIONS 2-Draw the eyes, nose and teeth of the skull. 26. INSTRUCTIONS 3-Cut it out