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Halloween is just around the corner. Some people like this holiday because they can spend more time with their kids seeking candy, other part love this holiday for girls using the day as an excuse to dress like, hmm... cheeky girls. But every year we face the one huge common problem - where the hell I can find mind-blowing Halloween costumes or costume ideas? Source - http://www.essaymama.com/


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2. Halloween is just around the corner and again we have this problem - what to wear on Halloween night?Our answer is simple - be your favorite writer!Famous authors,writers and essayists can help you with your halloween costume,be sure! 3. jjA Trumancapote asa A, youthful Santa Claus,or perhaps some kind of W I holiday spirit.Photo by *3John Domes.Who L"knOW3'. .~ _' ". ::v'Truman Capote"' rI ' 4. CZ=3l. le'l: 'i: =iee Colette in her costume for La Chatte Amoureuse, a nightclub mime show in which she portrayed her favorite animal. 5. Susan Sontag and her Teddy Bear costume.Sweet. 6. P.Scott Fitzgerald Here's F.Scott .Fitzgerald in full 55 . - - . , costume for Princeton's Triangle Club musical,The Evil Eye! The leftmost shot appeared in the New York Times,where Fitzgerald was described as the most beautiful showgirl in the production. 7. Anne Rice and her,hmm. .. bright costume at a book signing for Memnoch the Devil in 1995. 8. Norman Mailer asStanford White inRagtime.Look at this mustache! . .,. .-. ; , _ _o. Norman Mm 9. Oscar Wilde and his traditional Greek costume.He was Irish,bg the wag. 2:3? T: /*'. .7i-l 10. yr _ i ' V ""1 r; O"i;7l, .!ii: ?3f. ~, :>iVirginia Woolf (far left) and her friends dressed up as Abyssinian royalty for the famous Dreadnought hoax. 13. Sources: httpd/ avorwire. com/420217/20-photos-of-famous-authors-in-awesome-costumes http: llwww. writersdigest, com/ editor-blogs/ there-are-no-ruIes/10-minute-Iiterary-ha| |oween- costumes-dress-Iike-your-favorite-characterCreaal 3; - essay wruq satlfa/ z.s'.