Halloween costume ideas for halloween 2012

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Halloween Costume Ideas for Halloween 2012

Halloween is one of the most awaited festivals. Years have passed but the craze to celebrate Halloween has not faded a coat. The most remarkable factor in Halloween celebration has always been the dresses and costumes. With all the other traditions followed, costumes have always been the matter of concern. Gothic inspired costumes have topped the popularity chart always but with passing years it is receiving strong competition from Hollywood and celebs inspired costumes. People are now moving away from traditional looks. We now see trend with festivity. So here we give to you all new Halloween costume ideas-

1. The hamburglar look-

Inspired by the American villain, dress up in the striped trousers and black hat, you will out stand every other attire. Topping the list of most sought after costumes, is this one. Remember that use a tie making it all together more appealing. Gloves in hand with red sneakers and a mask, this is all you need for a perfect Halloween.

2. The metallic victim costume-

Dress is glazing silver colored dress giving a look of wearing aluminum sheet. Attach some objects like TV or broken appliance giving even rugged look. Cut marks, blood stains should appear on your dress giving a look as if meteor fell down and you have been a victim.

3. in Johnnys style-

Another Hollywood drawn inspiration brings Johnny back in style. Amazingly different hairstyle, rugged looks with a smashed door on the cheeks, this is what is Johnny. In case you are not able to understand lets make it simpler. Have a spiky hairstyle with a cardboard door stuck on your cheeks and wear tightest t-shirt and pair of jeans you can find.

4. for colorful adults-

For people who are color loving we have even colorful costume ideas. Lets start with a pink colored dress or you can go with pastel green. Add colored stripes, lollipops or you may choose ruffles. To compliment the dress go for funky make-up and hair-style. Add as much as accessories to make it even brighter adding the look.

5. Lady with a beard-

An entire new look for men with beards. Carry a wig, have all girly make-up, pink dress and blushing cheeks and you are all ready for your innings as a lady with a beard. Perfect for adults the costumes serves dual purpose of ghastly appearance and then later is humorous when you disclose the identity.

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