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If you're in a relationship, you know that one of the most difficult parts about Halloween is pickin...


  • 1. Halloween Costume Ideas | BostInnoIf you're in a relationship, you know that one of the most difficult parts about Halloween is pickingout the perfect couples costume. You don't want to be generic but at the same time, you also don'thave hundreds of dollars to shell out on costumes-in-a-box, either. We get it.So, we've taken the liberty of rounding up 12 easy Halloween costumes, most of which you can findright in your own closet. From 2014's biggest celebrity couples to pop culture and TV icons, we'vegot you covered this Halloween. And we've even thrown a few easy, evergreen costumes in the mix - many of which will be perfectly appropriate for next year's bash as well. Happy Halloween, folks!Tom Brady and Gisele BundchenIf you're brave enough to pull off Boston's hottest couple, then more power to you. You can dress asa New England Patriot for Tom Brady's costume and for Gisele, channel your inner supermodel bydressing like her latest Chanel campaign. Here's a photo to inspire your costumes.Lobster in a pot

2. The classic New England costume can be applied to your baby, yourpet or to your significant other. One of you should dress like a chef with a white apron and a chef'shat, while the other dresses as a lobster in a pot. All you'll need is a red outfit, red claws (perhapsfrom red oven mittens) and a red lobster head. This is an easy to make homemade costume. Take alook at the lobster in a pot costumes here.Jon Snow and Ygritte from "Game of Thrones"One of the most popular Game of Thrones couples is none other than Jon Snow and Ygritte the"Wilding." This couples costume is super easy to pull off. For Jon Snow, you'll need an all black outfitcomplete with a fur cape and coat. Dark hair and a scruffy face wouldn't hurt, either. For Ygritte,you'll need some distressed grey jeans, a fur coat and hoodie. Add a bow and arrow, and you'reset. Here's a photo to serve as inspiration.The Royals: Kate and WilliamIn our books, the royals are never out; not when Kate Middleton and Prince William rule the royalroost. And with news of a new little royal on the way, we're all too eager to see more of this couple.Own a dark blue dress? Great, you can go as Kate this Halloween. How about a very dapper lookingsuit? You're all set as Prince William. Now, all you need is a baby doll. Here's a photo to inspireyou. 3. Waldo and Carmen SandiegoThis costume is easy and always a winner in our book. For Waldo, find a red and white striped shirt,glasses and jeans. And if you already have a red peacoathttp://www.halloween.com/halloween-costume-quick-ideas.php and hat, you're set for the CarmenSandiego costume. Here's a good example of the couples costume.Superhero coupleThink Batman and Robin, Superman and Wonder Woman, Robin and Poison Ivy - the options aretruly limitless. And while there are plenty costumes in a box that you could purchase, thesecostumes aren't too hard to make right at home. Here are some examples on Pinterest.Beyonce and Jay ZIf you want to go as the "On the Run" tour version of Beyonce and Jay Z, you'll need to do a littleshopping. For Jay Z, wear a black and white American flag t-shirt with a gold necklace. Add a blackblazer and jeans - you're set. For Beyonce, you better be ready to show some leg. You'll needfishnet tights, some sort of black bathing suit with a deep V and a black blusher or cut-out fishnethead piece. Take a look at the photo here and try to copy it. 4. Zombie CoupleThis is always a great go-to costume for couples. All you need is some serious face makeup, fakeblood and maybe a fake machete for good measure. Dress as a bride and groom for the classiczombie look. Here are a few examples. 5. Kim Kardashian and KanyeWant to go as Kimye? Grab a babydoll, name it North West and wear a seriously tight black dress.Hair extensions and puckered up lips probably wouldn't hurt, either. If you're going as Kanye, werecommend black pants, a black button down and a black jacket. Don't forget the whitesneaks. Here's a photo for some Kimye inspiration.Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo from "Game of Thrones"What better way to celebrate your undying love for Game of Thrones than by dressing as two ofits most romantic characters? All you'll need for Khaleesi is a blonde wig, a Grecian looking dress orsome torn clothes. Add a dragon on your shoulder and you're set. As for Khal Drogo, you'll need aserious goatee (read: long), no shirt, some heavy eye makeup, and brown shorts. Here are a fewexamples of how to dress the part."Big Bang Theory" charactersIf you're a fan of Big Bang Theory, then we recommend dressing as Sheldon Cooper and Amy FarrahFowler. The nerdy super couple is also super easy to pull off. For Sheldon, you'll need a red t-shirtwith a lightning bolt, khakis and a long sleeve t-shirt underneath. For Amy, you'll need glasses,tights and some sort of mismatched outfit and cardigan. Here's an example (with a few othersuggestions) here.Gwyneth Paltrow's and Chris Martin's conscious uncouplingIf you're looking to pull a Martha Stewart by making fun of America's favorite breakup line this year 6. from Gwyneth Patrow and Chris Martin, we recommend going as the conscious uncoupling couple.For Gwyneth, all you'll need is blonde hair and organic "goopy" juices. For Chris, wear a grey beanieand button-up - fast food in your hand doesn't hurt either. Here's an example of the couple costumefrom the NY Post.Images via Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com; Allan Bregg / Shutterstock.com; Shaun Jeffers/ Shutterstock.com; Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com