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Halloween for Young Learners There is magic, but you have to be the magician. You have to make the magic happen. ~ Sidney Sheldon, Are You Afraid of the Dark? Science through Magic Tricks http://youtu.be/GbdOt_e4o3Q by @barbarabujtas Why Kids Love HalloweenDia de los Muertos - all entries by gnatallica, Flickr, CC 2.0 Fasching in Esslingen, Germany by LenDog64, Flickr Flat Classroom Skype by SuperKimbo, Flickr, CC 2.0 Playdoh Creatures Kids use playdoh, recycled material, etc. to create a monsters They name their monster, etc. My PlayDoh Creation! An Owl by Mikenan1, Flickr Genkienglish.net/howRU.htm Write a Spooky StoryStorybird.com Kerpoof.com Choose from different storylines Choose from various backgrounds Choose characters & record your movie LittleBirdTales.ComActivity: Create a script for a Domo Kun Video http://bit.ly/1cYvYQP Embedplus.com for adding Youtube annotations Create a Domo Digital Video Storyhttp://domo.goanimate.com/ Activity: Join the Monster Global Project monsterproject.wikispaces.com Activity: Join the Monster Global Project monsterproject.wikispaces.com Activity: A Zombies Daily Routines http://bit.ly/1cYLTyz Create an Infographic of the routine http://www.imbecile.me/pic/24-hours-zombie-life-illustration-bruna-brito/ Educreations screen/voice capturing apphttp://www.educreations.com/lesson/view/big-green-monster/804064/ learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/make-your-own/make-your-monster learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/make-your-own/make-your-monster Activity: Make your monster talk! http://blabberize.com/ Lets carve pumpkins! Zombie Physics Lite IOS Apphttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/monster-physics-lite/id525417784?mt=8 Game Press Free for iPad-drag & drop - over 500 graphics, music, sound effects, particle effects -import your own pictures, graphics, animations, sound effects, music - create sound & special effects - physics engine for real world simulation Horror Fingers IOS Apphttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cool-finger-faces/id492606918?mt=8 Create Trick-or-Treat Bags DSC_4715 by KevinOQ, Flickr, CC 2.0 Cool Sites & Apps 'Clicking away! http://www.flickr.com/photos/47402349@N00/3311492814 ShellyTerrell.com Bit.ly/eltlinks