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  • 1. How to make half decentgraphics for Powerpoint. By Colin Burrows

2. TODAYS TOPICS General Strategy Organizing Text Photos Composition Colour Transitions Final Thoughts 3. Rule Number One.DONT BE BORING. 4. YOUR AUDIENCE IS 5. They are designed to appealto the broadest possible audience. They dont have character.They dont have YOUR character. 6. Make it about you.Your audience wants to see youdeliver the content. 7. Make it about you.If all that mattered was the contentyou could have sent an email. 8. You have to make a decision: Is this a presentation orIs this a handout 9. You shouldnt be printing things anyway. 10. NOBODY WANTS TO WATCH YOU READUnless youre this guy. 11. NOBODY WANTS TO WATCH YOU READ or unless you wrotethe Harry Potter books. or unless you just look reallygood while reading. 12. These areyour notes. 13. Keep It Simple, Stupid. 14. * People have troubleremembering more than 7 things. 15. Avoid Bullets 16. Bullet points tell people you dont care enoughto write complete sentences 17. Remember that decision? 18. for presentations for handouts A presenter can: Bullet points Elaboratemay seem cryptic Explainoutside the context Add detail of a presentation.Youd betterwrite something thatcan stand on its own. 19. Control the flow.Useanimations 20. orControlmultiplethe flow. slidesto Use slowthings down animations 21. Its okay to uselots of slides. 22. Lots andlots of slides. 23. Theyre 24. If you have to put a whole bunch of text onone slide then please please please take thetime to organize it into manageable bits ofinformation that people can easily digest 25. If you have to puta whole bunch of texton one slidethen please please pleasetake the time to organize itinto manageable bitsof informationthat peoplecan easily digest 26. You can depend on Arial.Theres nothing worsethan formatting yourwhole slide show withsome cool font andhaving it go all screwyon you . 27. You can depend on Arial.Theres nothing worse thanformatting your whole slide showwith some cool font and having it goall screwy on you . 28. Using Black on White,despite your most well thoughtout minimalist intentions,just makes you look lazy. 29. Maybe try using a little colour. 30. And then keep changing it to keep people awake. 31. Photos 32. translation: center images 33. Re-colour busy photosso they dont distract from your text 34. Pictures withwhite backgrounds work the best.Find a way to connectthe pictureswith the text 35. Use Large Photos 36. You dont wantphotos thatlook like this..or like this. 37. Use Good Quality Free Photos* Requires you to set up an account,but its free. 38. You can use if you arentprofiting of your presentation. like me, Im a student, Im not making any money off of this.None, I swear. 39. 1000 words are worth more than a bad photo. 40. Its Half time(Let people know where you are in the presentation) 41. TODAYS TOPICS General Strategy Organizing Text Photos We are here. Composition Colour Transitions Final Thoughts 42. Composition1Guide people through the slide. 23 4Left to right. Top to bottom. 43. Single Focal Point- Bansky 44. Double PaneThis space talks about that space 45. THERULE 46. Title this text is 2/3the size of the title. 47. Colour 48. Black & White Monochrome 49. Cool Colours Warm Colours 50. Complimentary Split ComplimentaryColoursColours 51. Transitionsare not toys.Use them when changing your dialoguefrom one point to another 52. or when changing the looks of your slide(they call them transitions for a reason) 53. FinalThoughtsGive people hope.Let them knowthis presentationisnt going tolast forever. 54. For Best ResultsStart your Powerpoint in Wordthen add graphics once you know what to say 55. Dont put moviesin your Powerpoint.You arent asinterestingas a movieand you dont wantto follow that.They never reallywork any way. 56. There are no rules, just think critically 57. Be Audience Appropriate 58. Compare how it looks against other thingsyou think look good 59. try to make somethingyour mom will understand.If your mom understands it,then it makes sense. 60. If you can be funny then be funny.If you cant be funnythen be yourself.Unless youre boring.(see rule number one) 61. Final Rule. Tie the endingto the beginning