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  1. 1. Hair Style Mistakes to AvoidBySelect Salon Studios
  2. 2. Maintaining physical appearance is pivotal to portraying a positive experience on the peopleyou meet and also to retain your level of self-confidence and flair. Hair styles are an integralcomponent of how you look overall. It is such a powerful feature that it can single-handedlydefine your personality and your style. Suffice it so say, dress to impress is incompletewithout the proper hair style to match it. However people tend to make some mistakes inan effort to look the part. Todays post will shed light on that subject in detail; particularlyon some unintentional mistakes that should be avoided at all costs.
  3. 3. Skipping Regular Hair CutsSome might say that men are more prone to this mistake than women. Regardless ofgender, skipping haircuts makes the hair irregular and out of shape. Some might arguethat in itself may constitute a hair style, but in point of fact, it has a more negativeperception than a positive one. A normal haircut has a shelf life of 4 to 8 weeksdepending on how fast your hair grow. After that hair length will become irregular andwill require another visit to the hair salon.
  4. 4. Not Using Hair ClipsEver notice how professional hair stylists use hairclips. Its a great divide and conquerstrategy for a big stylish job. Using hair clips hair stylists can concentrate the heat of thedryer on one small section at a time. Not using hair clips essentially leaves you with toomuch hair to tend for at once. Use hair clips to create sections on the scalp and then dryeach section accordingly.
  5. 5. Forgetting the RootsHair is not what you see on the outside the roots are deep inside the scalp that also needs tobe provided for. Not paying attention to the roots affects the hair volume. When applying aproduct or drying your hair, pay attention to the roots. If you want more body, pull your hairup and out when drying. If you want less body, pull your hair straight down to smooth andflatten the root.
  6. 6. Using the Wrong Size BrushJust like the wrong size tool can spell disaster to mechanical work, the same can apply to awrong size brush that can cause severe damage to your hair. Many women use a roundbrush thats too small. The size should be appropriate for the task at hand. For example aone inch diameter barrel works best for chin-length hair or if you want to add a little extrabounce to fine hair. Larger barrel brushes such as those 2 to 3 inches in diameter are betterfor longer hair where the desire is to create loose natural waves. Not knowing your brushescan be a nightmare.
  7. 7. These are just a few mistakes that can ruin a hair style and the overall look. Professionalhair stylists are well aware of such mistakes and hence ensure your hair are properlytaken care of without any mishap. Keep your hair in good condition. They will magnifyyour personality and your visual appeal. Thank you for reading this presentation by SelectSalon Studios. For more details feels free to visit