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Hair Shampoo. Laundry Detergent. “Cleaning Your Hair vs Cleaning Your Clothes”. Jeff Easley – Sr. Global Performance Improvement Specialist Stepan Company Midwest SCC Meeting March 11, 2014. Objectives…. Compare and Contrast:. Cleaning technology Ingredient types Ingredient functions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Hair ShampooLaundry DetergentCleaning Your Hair vs Cleaning Your Clothes

Jeff Easley Sr. Global Performance Improvement SpecialistStepan CompanyMidwest SCC MeetingMarch 11, 2014


Cleaning technologyIngredient typesIngredient functionsFormulationsPerformance testingRegulatory environmentCompare and Contrast:

2Cleaning Technology

Cleaning Hair vs Cleaning Fabric

Different substrates Many more fabric types than hair types Soils to be removed differ Surfactant interfacial phenomena similar Differences in washing processesIn General

4Detersive SystemsSystemSoilMechanical ActionDetergentHousehold LaundryMixed & VariableModerateUnbuilt or Built SurfactantHair ShampooOilyVigorous Rubbing in Rinse cycleOrganic Surfactant

5Progression of Laundry Detergent Forms

BarsPowdersLiquidsHeavy Duty Powders(HDP)Heavy Duty Liquids(HDL)Also known as:

6Product TrendsIncreasing Concentration2X, 4X and greaterCold Water CleaningEco-friendly ProductsUsing Green or natural based IngredientsRecyclable PackagingHigh EfficiencyLow foaming variants

7Comparison of ClaimsHair ShampooRapid-DryingFragrance FreeDermotologist RecommendedVolumizingClarifyingHypoallergenicpH BalancedNo Animal TestingMildMoisturizingFree FromLaundry DetergentBotanical/HerbalKosherNo Additives/PreservativesFragrance FreeHypoallergenicEconomyConvenient PackagingAll Natural ProductEase of UsepH NeutralDermatologically Tested

8Interesting Laundry Fact

Ingredient Types

Ingredient Comparison.Hair ShampooLaundry Detergent

Surfactants Water pH adjusters Fragrance Dye Preservative Vitamins Protein derivatives Inorganic salts Humectants Emollients Silicones Thickening agents Chelants/Sequestrants Suncreen agents Surfactants Builders Buffering Agents Enzymes Optical Brightener Polymers Hydrotropes Enzyme Stabilizer Preservative Colorant Fragrance Softening Agent Bleach Anti-redepostion Agent Filler Water


11Typical Physical PropertiespHViscosity% ActivesHair ShampooSlightly acidic(5.5 6.5)3,500 7,000 cps at 25C10-12%(mid-tier)Household Laundry Detergent(Liquid)Alkaline(8.0-10.5)300 700 cps at 25C5-30%

(bargain to premium)

Anionic &NonionicSurfactantsAnionicSurfactantNonionicSurfactant, SolventsEnzymesSurfactants, Bleaching AgentsSoils Types and Ingredients to Address Them

13Surfactant ComparisonHair ShampooSulfonatesAlpha Olefin SulfonateSulfatesAlkyl ether sulfatesAlkyl sulfatesAlkanolamidesAmphotericsMethyl EstersSulfoacetatesSulfosuccinates

Laundry DetergentSulfonatesAcidsNeutralized formsSulfatesAlkyl ether sulfatesAlkyl sulfatesAlkoxylatesAlkanolamidesMethyl estersHydrotropes

14Common Primary Anionic SurfactantLinear Alkylbenzene Sulfonic Acid (LABSA) Good foamer Good detergency Neutralization necessary Best carbon chain C11-12 linear Corrosive in acidic state

15Common Primary Anionic SurfactantAlkyl Ether Sulfates (AES) Foam enhancer Good hard water tolerance Carbon chain C12-14 with 2-3 moles EO Preferred Due to gel phase formation, add other ingredients first Stable at 4