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Hair Removal Consultation

Hair Removal Consultation




Tweezing Epiledy

Straight Razor

Double Razor

ElectrolysisElectrolysisDr. Charles Michel discovered electrolysis in 1875

Electrolysis is the only permanent and safe method of hair removal.

Electrolysis ContA tiny probe the same size as the hair is inserted into the hair follicle.

Electrolysis ContLow electrical energy is then passed to the end of the probeCauterizing the blood supply at the dermal papilla

Electrolysis ContHair is then guided out of the follicle with tweezers

Hair Growth StagesThere are three phases of hair growthAnagen growing stageCatagen shedding stageTeleogen dead stageAt any given point the majority of terminal hair is in the growing stageHair must be in the growing (anagen) phase to be removed permanently

Hair Growth Stages

Electrolysis Needle

Hair is EVERYTHINGBeforeAfter


Different Hair Growth CyclesHair growth cycles vary according to where hair is growing on the body Hair on the head grows - 4-6 years Facial hair grows - 8-14 weeksBody hair grows 8 weeksGrowth cycles cannot be determined from the appearance of the hair at the surface of the skinMore than one treatment maybe necessary to permanently remove the individual hair

Three Methods of Permanent Hair Removal Thermolysis high frequency current, produces heat which cauterizes and destroys the dermal papillaGalvanic direct current, converts the body salts and water into a lye solution that destroys the dermal papillaBlend combination of Thermolysis (heat) and Galvanic (lye) working together for faster hair removal

Reasons for Excessive Hair GrowthHormonesSystemic ChangesMedicationsTopical influencesGrowth Glandular imbalances Hereditary makeupNationality



SOME COMMON Medication Acutane Antiviral Aspirin Cortisone Coumadin Dilantin Estrogen Herbs Birth ControlMinerva Minoxidil Progesterone Spiranilactone Testosterone Tamoxifen Vaniqa YAZ Anabolic SteroidsFertility Medication

Hormonal ImpactHormonal Imbalances Menopause Infertility IUD Miscarriages Peri-Menopause Post-Menopause Pregnancies Pregnant Irregular Periods How Does Electrolysis Feel?Slight Heat SensationTinglingStingingSome Individuals May Experience PainUse of a topical anesthetic can decrease sensitivityElectrologist is training to work within your pain tolerance

Preparation Commitment to:TimeMoneyEnergy Compliance

ResultsDensity of hairPain Tolerance Medical conditionsArea Being TreatedCoarseness of hairTreatments vary from person to person

CostLength of AppointmentsArea TreatedType of Modality UsedMinutes per session X cost

Duration of Treat TimeAverage Treatment Time will be 18 monthsAppointment times will be weeklyEvery other week Every 3-4 weeksEvery 4-5 weeksEvery 6 weeks Then as needed 1-2 times a year Where To TreatElectrolysis can be performed on most parts of the bodyExceptions - inside nose or mucus membraneMoles with physician release to treatCannot perform on breast of pregnant femaleCan be used on all colors and types of hair Resistant hair after laser hair removalSafe on pregnant female up to 6 months

Pre - CareNo temporary hair removal methods except cutting or shavingHair must be inch long at appointment timeDo not go into the sun for 24 hours prior to treatmentNo deep chemical peels 24-48 hours prior to appointment

Post CareDo not use soap, water or wash cloth on treated area for 24 hoursNo make on area for 24 hoursClean area with mild antisepticDo not go into sun or tanning bed for 24 hoursNo chemical peels or microdermabrasion for 24 hoursIce may be applied to the area to reduce any swelling Do not dislodge any scabs Training of ElectrologistTraining standards vary from state to stateUniversal precautions must be utilized GlovesSterile disposable needlesDisinfects skin Antiseptic Pre-Cautions Individuals that have metal implants Pacemakers Cannot have galvanic or blend modality usedCommon Side EffectsRedness SwellingPinpoint scabbingShould subside within days

ElectrolysisPermanent method of hair removalConsider laser hair removal for larger areas of body:LegsMale backsArmsAlthough more costly, electrolysis may be the best option for unwanted hairCertain hairs Improves physical appearanceSelf imageGoal is to be hair free