hair nails and fashion part 1

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this gives excellent fashion advise, nail tutorials, and hair ideas! also check out my partner's powerpoint: Hair nails and fashion part 2 Thank you! Bye!


  • 1.Hair, Nails, andFashion!!By:Madeline Payne&Elena SanfreyOh my!

2. Hair!Hair is one of a girls mostvaluable feature! 3. Vera Bradley Nails!Vera Bradley Nails are some of the mostdecrative nail designs! 4. FASHION!There are many differnt types of fashion:*Spring Fashion*SummerFashion*Fall Fashion*WinterFasion* And MANY,MANY more 5. How To Do A Bow BunThis is a very decorative type of bun 6. Soda NailsSoda Nails are fun-looking and verydetailed! 7. Who wore it better??Who wore it better?Taylor Swift or LauraLinney? 8. Who wore it better?Who wore it better?Sharon OsbourneorLily Collins? 9. How to...FISHTAIL BRAID! 10. Animal NailsAnimal nails are alwaysvery cute lookinganimals that we alllove!!! 11. Who wore it better? (male)Who wore it better? HarryStyles or Louis? 12. Hair: Dos and DontsDOS:Wash and Combhair night before tohave nice lookinghair at schoolUse Brands suchas: Sauve,Dove,Paul Mitchell,ect. (These have menones to!)Use very little hairspry and other hair 13. Nails: Dos And DontsDONTSGet off task whilepainting nails!Buy colors that makeyour fingers and toeslook messed up!use the crappy, cheapbrands that peal offafter you put it on! 14. Fashion: Dos and DontsDOSAlways wear thingsthat bring yourstrongest points!Wear clothes thatarent cheap, butnot to exspensive!Try to wear yourown style! 15. Hair BibliographyGoogleYoutubeGoogle Images 16. Nail BibiographyGoogleYoutubeGoogle Images 17. Fashion BibliographyGoogleYoutubeGoogle ImagesStilababe09 (fashion video) 18. Thank You!!!!Please watch my otherfriends video for theother dos and donts andmore!!!! Hers is: Hair,Nails, and Fashion2Thanks For Watching!!!Use these tips given tobring out your style evenmore!!!