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  1. 1. Hair Color Ideas for Women with Dark Skin By Select Salon Studios Select Salon Studios 5221 Monroe Street Toledo, Ohio 43623
  2. 2. Dark skin looks charming and attractive, and dyeing hair could further enhance ones looks. However, it is important that one chooses those hair colors that complement her dark complexion. Careful selection is important because your choice may not supplement your skin tone. However, it isnt about matching the skin tone only because women now dye hair to express their individuality and personality, and to cover the imperfections. Thus, if you are vacillating over the perfect hues and dont want to go off beam, consider using following hair colors:
  3. 3. Burgundy & Red Shades Both red hair colors and highlights will look great and complement your skin tone. However, if you wish to do highlights with red hair color, make sure that you use a brown-based shade because this will add richness to your hair and give a boost to your dyed hair. Rich red colors, such as wine and plum, and burgundy shades will look outstanding with your dark skin and uplift your features. Besides, every shade in between subtle dark auburn reds and bright cherry red is absolutely a Yay if you have dark skin.
  4. 4. In addition, if you want to dye you hair red completely, you should begin with hair lightening which will give a vibrant red and balanced hue to your hair. Sizzling red hair colors are well-suited for dark skin. Do you know why? Women possessing dark skin, usually, have permeable hair which are capable of absorbing luscious shades of red. Thats why the red shades are perfect for women with dark skin.
  5. 5. Golden Blonde & Caramel Brown Blonde hair colors go well with dark skin, but light blonde, beige blonde and golden blonde are the most suitable blonde shades for women with dark skin and medium skin tones.
  6. 6. Remember that orange-based shades, blonde hair colors with too much white and platinum blonde arent appropriate for dark skin at all. Instead, use dark blonde dyes with golden highlights or light caramel brown shade, which will look stunning and appealing. Other browns that will look great with dark skin include honey brown, light brown and shades of espresso and toffee.
  7. 7. Ombre Ombre hair color is ideal for those women who avoid dyeing their hair. This color is suitable for women with dark skin because ombre blends well with natural black hair. Thus, you can use purple ombre, red ombre as well as blonde ombre.
  8. 8. Violet or Dark Purple Just like red, dark purple and violet color also look stunning with dark skin. Temporary hair color or permanent, it is your choice.
  9. 9. Women with dark skin can enjoy the vibrant as well as light hair colors. However, consulting a hair color specialist will be a great idea before dyeing your hair.
  10. 10. For Best Hair Stylists in Toledo and Maumee OH Contact Website: Toledo: 5221 Monroe Street Toledo, Ohio 43623 Maumee: 3355 Briarfield Blvd, Suite A, Maumee, Ohio 43537 Phone: 419-309-0009 Select Salon Studios