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This is a combination of different powerpoints I found on the internet.


<ul><li>1.11Haiku PoemsHaiku Poems</li></ul> <p>2. 222 Haiku is also called nature or seasonal haiku. 3. 333Haiku is usually writtenin the present tense andfocuses on nature(seasons). 4. 44 Haiku poems are Japanese and contain only 3Haiku poems are Japanese and contain only 3lines.lines. The poems are used to paint a picture in theThe poems are used to paint a picture in thereaders mind.readers mind. Each line has a certain number of syllables.Each line has a certain number of syllables. 5. 555Haiku Poetry Definition 1 An unrhymed Japanese verse consisting of threeunrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables (5,7, 5) or 17 syllables in all. The 5/7/5 rule was made up for school children tounderstand and learn this type of poetry. 6. 666Haiku Poetry Definition 2 Made of three lines of poetry, 17 syllables orLESS. An ideal haiku should be short/long/short 7. 777Haiku Poetry Helpful HintsHaiku is generally not written in one long runon sentence. It is generally written in twoparts.You have a fragment on the first or the lastline, then you have the body of the haiku. 8. 88Snow melts.Snow melts.Suddenly, the villageSuddenly, the villageis full of children.is full of children. 9. 99Green and speckled legsGreen and speckled legsHops on logs and lily-padsHops on logs and lily-padsSplash in cool waterSplash in cool water 10. 1010In a pouch I growIn a pouch I growOn a southern continentOn a southern continentStrange creatures I know.Strange creatures I know. 11. 111111Haiku PoetryWinter sun--a cyclist pedalsagainst the wind 12. 121212Haiku Poetry Salt-waves caress sand tickling my toes and heart in their short-spun wake 13. 131313Haiku Poetry Pink cherry blossoms Cast shimmering reflections On seas of Japan 14. 141414Haiku Poetry Warm soup in a bowl letters of the alphabet hang on the teaspoon 15. 1515Summers goneSummers goneThe leaves fell slowlyThe leaves fell slowlyThe leaves fell slow-lyThe leaves fell slow-lyTo the unforgiving groundTo the unforgiving groundTo the un-for-giv-ing groundTo the un-for-giv-ing groundToo soon summers gone!Too soon summers gone!Too soon sum-mers gone!Too soon sum-mers gone!575 </p>