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Hackers!Hacker (Cracker) word that describe person who have special skills in the field of computer and information security. Hacking means that a set of clever programmers who challenge the different systems and try to storm it and not necessarily to commit a crime , but their success in penetration is considered a success for their abilities and skills.Many companies like Microsoft needs to protect their systems so they found the best method to protect their system is to hire hackers with high salaries their mission is attempt to penetrate their different systems and find the points of weakness and try to fix these problemsThe law considered outsiders who enter the default place should not be in it. And to do this optional process in which the programmer tested his abilities without knowing his real name or declare himself. But some of them are exploited by criminal who clear information and others are commercially exploited for the purposes of spying and to steal some money. the classification of hackers morally 1: White hat hacker :a computer hackers intending to improve computer security2: Black hat hacker: a computer hackers intending to storm the computer or Internet security for illegal personal gain3: Grey hat hacker: a computer hackers lies between a black hat and a white hat hackerHacker attack techniquesHacker have many attack techniques but the most common technique: is by using Trojan horses and this technique mostly used when hackers need to storm a personal computerexample shows you how Trojan technique works :if you will download a program but this program have virusthis virus will open a hidden secret hole through your computer firewall when the virus reached to your computer it will delete any information or it will harm the host computer systems their is a ratio 50% if you will scan your computer by using antivirus and you have many viruses in your computer you will find Trojan horse virus at your computer

7Sony attacked by North Korea Five months ago, hackers sneaked to the computer network of Sony Pictures entertainmentThe attackers stole a large number of secret documents, which is currently being loaded (in the first place by journalists) from file-sharing networksIt is believed widely hackers to be supported by the government of North Korea

which is angry at Sony to produce the interview, a film which describe the assassination of North Korean leader Kim jong-un. the threat of terrorism against the movie theaters offer caused Sony to cancel the planned release of her Christmas Day holiday.

on Monday, November 24th Sony discovered that their own company's network has been hacked. The attackers took terabytes of data, delete the original copies of Sony computers, leaving the threat to release the information messages if Sony did not respond to the demands of the strikers this image, shows the message that appeared on the computer screens at Sony companies

Lizard squadlizard squad is a black hat hacking group !They attacked facebook before but facebook denied it was hacked and said that the access issues earlier were "not the result of a third party attack. so Lizard Squad stated that it was responsible for the site, and Instagram going down.

Security breach in Microsoft and Sony systemLizard Squad also claimed to be behind a series hacks of Microsoft and Sony gaming networks over Christmas as well.lizard squad made their own channel in Sony and Microsoft servers

A hacker claiming to be from Lizard Squad - a 22- year-old calling himself Member Two - said the group had hacked the sites "because we can.He also suggested the motive was to demonstrate weaknesses in the Microsoft and Sony systems. It's just such a huge company Microsoft... Do you not think they should be able to prevent such an attack?" he told BBC Radio !"Is Christmas really about children playing with their new consoles, or playing with their new toys, or is it about them spending time with their families and celebrating Christmas?" he added. "I think everyone's just taking it all out of the ordinary and Microsoft will receive a wonderful Christmas present from us

The name Lizard Squad is generally used as a signature on a site that the group has taken responsibility for hacking and they left their signature after hacking the websites or software

Lizard squad pictureLizard squad signature