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  • Habits to Live By

    A Virtual Personal Development


    Adapted from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

  • WC NLDI Online 2

    Habits to Live By

    • Welcome to the Woodson Center’s Neighborhood Leadership Development Institute On-Line (www.woodsoncenter.org).

    • This time series training and development course is for community and faith based organizational leaders.

    • The course is designed to provide development in three areas: individual, organizational, and community.


  • WC NLDI Online 3

    Habits to Live By

    • Each program curriculum track has 12 workshops that are presented using social media to include GoToMeetings, YouTube and Black Board.

    • Each program curriculum track will be recorded and placed on the WC’s web site for viewing in the convenience of your home or office. The address is www.woodsoncenter.org.

    • Participants will be able to get Continuing Education Units for each program curriculum workshop upon completion of quizzes at the end of each module.


  • Habits to Live By

    • Tools you will need in this course:

    – Access to a computer and the internet.

    – Approximately 1 hour of time availability to

    attend once a week online sessions and

    participate in the virtual dialogue or the

    recorded version.

    – A pen or pencil

    – A composition book to take notes.

    WC NLDI Online 4

  • WC NLDI Online 5

    Habits to Live By

    • The first discussion will be Personal

    Development. This track has three

    components: Habits to Live By, Career

    Development, and Financial Literacy.

    • We will first discuss Habits to Live By.

    • Habits to Live by is adapted from the work

    of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by

    Stephen Covey.

  • WC NLDI Online 6

    Habits to Live By

    • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

    represent a holistic, integrated approach to

    personal and interpersonal effectiveness.

    • The real beauty of the Habits lies in the

    relationship among the habits and how

    those habits positively impact individuals,

    their co-workers, family and community.

  • WC NLDI Online 7

    Habits to Live By

    • What is a habit? There are three considerations.

    • Knowledge that helps a person understand what to do and why to do it.

    • Skill development that helps a person learn how to do a task or activity.

    • Desire that influences the motivation of a person and causing people to want to engage in a task or activity.

  • WC NLDI Online 8

    Habits to Live By

    • Character – the weight of real

    effectiveness in life lies in good character

    – Trustworthiness

    – Respect

    – Responsibility

    – Fairness

    – Caring

    – Citizenship

  • WC NLDI Online 9

    Habits to Live By

    • Personality is:

    • What people first see.

    • A representative of your world view or

    outlook on life.

    • The way you think positively or negatively,

    openly or closeness.

  • WC NLDI Online 10

    Habits to Live By

    • Personal, organizational and community

    leadership requires a constant

    examination of your trustworthiness, how

    you trust others, how you empower others

    around you, and how your values,

    attitudes and beliefs are in alignment with

    personal, organizational and community

    visions and missions.

  • WC NLDI Online 11

    Habits to Live By

    • Personal, organizational and community

    leadership requires a balance of character

    and competence.

    • Leaders lead by example teaching others

    and encouraging others to connect with

    others to teach them.

    • Leaders help others capture, expand and


  • WC NLDI Online 12

    Habits to Live By

    • Personal, organizational and community


    – Help others to understand the basic content of


    – Help others analyze and add personal

    experience to knowledge.

    – Help others to live helping others to share and


  • WC NLDI Online 13

    Habits to Live By

    • Personal, organizational and community

    leaders learn principles, mindsets, and

    behaviors that facilitate growth and


    – Principles are based on natural laws and

    fundamental truths

    – Values define the worth or priority we place

    on people, things, ideas or principles.

  • WC NLDI Online 14

    Habits to Live By

    • Mindsets are what people think as they

    perceive, understand, and interpret their


    • Mindsets help to create world views or

    how we see the world.

    • Mindsets create mental maps.

    • Breakthroughs are often a departure from

    our mindsets or mental maps. AIM HIGH!

  • WC NLDI Online 15

    Habits to Live By

    • Exercise:

    • Think of a time or event in your life when you

    experienced a breakthrough.

    – What was the event or circumstance?

    – What did you learn that changed your mindset?

    – How did the change in your mindset affect your life?

    – What conditions contributed to the change in your


  • WC NLDI Online 16

    Habits to Live By

    • Michael Jackson once sang about “The

    Man In The Mirror” to highlight how we see


    • Often others reflect their perceptions,

    opinions, and mindsets about us through

    their words and behaviors.

    • Consequently, we form images and

    judgment about ourselves.

  • WC NLDI Online 17

    Habits to Live By

    • The mirror can sometimes be inaccurate

    and limiting.

    • Our real potential is often the result of

    using our imagination to think out of the

    box than using the mirror.

    • Funkadelic once sang about “Free Your

    Mind.” Personal development requires this

    type of thinking for personal growth.

  • WC NLDI Online 18

    Habits to Live By

    • Do you know what a self fulfilling prophesy is?

    • Often referred to as a “set up”, this type of

    mindset can help or harm the people we are

    dealing with on a day-to-day basis.

    – If we feel negative about them, we will treat them

    negatively and influence them to make mistakes.

    – If we feel positive about them, we will treat them

    super positively and may constantly challenge them

    so that they can prove their worth.

  • WC NLDI Online 19

    Habits to Live By

    • The way we treat others influences their

    behavior and performance.

    • The self-fulfilling prophesy is what we

    believe about ourselves and others.

    • The self-fulfilling prophesy influences our

    self-perception, behavior, and


  • WC NLDI Online 20

    Habits to Live By

    • Exercise – this activity is designed to help

    you examine your mindsets about others

    and the impact your mindsets have on

    others. Think of a person whose behavior

    at one time or another has got your


    – What beliefs did you have about this person

    that might limit him or her and/or strain the


  • WC NLDI Online 21

    Habits to Live By

    • Exercise (Continued)

    – How might an incomplete or inaccurate mindset about this person influence his or her behavior?

    – Could your mindset and behavior toward him or her be part of the problem?

    – Since it is possible that your mindset is not accurate, how could you change your beliefs about and actions toward this person to more accurately reflect his or her potential?

  • WC NLDI Online 22

    Habits to Live By

    • The exercises in this part of the curriculum are

    designed to get you to start thinking about how

    you feel, see and think about yourself and


    • The exercises are also a great way to help

    create and reinforce desired behaviors or habits.

    • You may find new ways to align your mindsets

    and behaviors with principles to develop greater

    impact and effectiveness.

  • WC NLDI Online 23

    Habits to Live By

    • In summary, to continuously improve our effectiveness in personal, organizational, and community development, we must constantly examine and challenge our mindsets.

    • The most important mindset is to remember the importance of positive and trusting relationships with yourself and people.

  • WC NLDI Online 24

    Habits to Live By

    • Next Steps

    • We have placed an exit questionnaire on

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