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Retain Social - GWAVACon 2012 Presentation


  • 1. 01/31/12Michael Bell andThomas StegemannRetain 3.0 Social Messaging

2. Retain 3.0 What is it? Big upgrade from 2.x will requiredatabase schema update. Down timerequired. Sets up Retain as a true unified messagingdiscovery platform. Support for Social Messaging Office 365 Messaging Archive Adds Mobile 3.12 GWAVA Inc, Confidential & Proprietary 3. Top Features and Functionality1) Retain for Social Messaging2) Simplified Search Interface3) Stats Server4) Office 365 module5) Modular Licensing model3 GWAVA Inc, Confidential & Proprietary 4. Unified ArchivingFacebookWall posts and status updatesMessagesFriend requestsTwitterTweetsDirect messages4 GWAVA Inc, Confidential & Proprietary 5. Retain for Social MessagingNew Module allows for Facebook and Twitterarchiving.How does it work?RSM requires the use of a proxy that sits between theend user and Facebook/Twitter.There are three different methods to achieve this.In order of simplicity to set up and configure:1)Agent running on end user computers2)Integration with an existing iCAP enabled security device3)Deployment of RSM Proxy (Netbox Blue VM)5 GWAVA Inc, Confidential & Proprietary 6. Retain for Social MessagingAgent on end user computers: Lightweight application that can be deployed toworkstations and laptops Watches for traffic to Facebook or Twitter andcaptures that data. Caches that data then sends to Retain onscheduled basis.This is the easiest method to enable RSM because itdoesnt require the configuration and maintenanceof any new major network appliance.6 GWAVA Inc, Confidential & Proprietary 7. Retain for Social MessagingIntegration with iCAP enabled deviceiCAP is an industry standard language proxies understand.RSM can make use of this by uploading its iCAP definitions to a compatible device (web proxy/firewall).This removes the need to set up a new device in the customers network.7 GWAVA Inc, Confidential & Proprietary 8. Retain for Social MessagingIn essence, RSM is a man-in-the-middle for traffic to and fromFacebook and Twitter. Data is collected on the proxy. Retain collectsthis data on a scheduled basis. RSM can also grab encrypted HTTPStraffic. A new CA certificate will need to be pushed out to or installedon end-user computers to avoid security warnings (except for whenusing the agent option).8 GWAVA Inc, Confidential & Proprietary 9. Deployment Options &Architecture9 GWAVA Inc, Confidential & Proprietary 10. Retain Archive Feed10 GWAVA Inc, Confidential & Proprietary 11. Keyword Search11 GWAVA Inc, Confidential & Proprietary 12. Intelligent Threading12 GWAVA Inc, Confidential & Proprietary