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  • 1. Environmental News Innovation Lab Gustavo Faleiros - Knight International Journalism Fellow Media Dialog Buenos Aires Public data goes social

2. What is the ((o))eco NewsLab? Project by Brazilian non-profit news agency O Eco+ International Center for Journalists via Knight International Journalism Fellowship 3. Data, maps, news apps. Pushing for applying new technology on sourcing and producing environmental journalism . 4. Main project 5. Data Mining Platform Deforestation - Brazil: data since 1976 / 8 countries - since 2004, including Cattle Ranching and Timber Clusters 6. Data Mining Platform Oil and Mining Concessions: 9 countries - who owns blocks 7. Data Mining platform = 10,5 GB+ Hydroeletric power plants Protected Areas and Indigenous territories Roads Forest Fire 8. Geojournalism - Aggregating stories to add contextual/journalistic layer to data1000 and counting geotagged stories - Generating an API (geojson) of stories to be used on other application 9. WordPress Platform for georeferenced content 10. JEO WP Theme Features Publishes map layers (MapBox, CartoDB) and allow settings direct via WordPress Every post can be geolocated and filtered on interactive timeline Distribution widget generating embed code and maps on social media 11. Partnerships with independent media outletsData and Stories about illegal poaching in South Africa and its links with international ivory trafficking 12. main map 13. Community and knowledge Launched in September 2013 12 tutorials published and more to come Experts on 4 different continents Content on Creative Commons, incentive to share 14. Next Projects IndonesiaEKUATORIAL Environmental News SyndicationKenya Investigations on European development investments and use of natural resources 15. Thank you Links My email Twitter @gufalei

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