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Guitar Hero Guide Like so many other restless minds, Anand Bhatt felt compelled to challenge himself to do more and to be more. He is rockn- rolls Renaissance man: musician, actor, writer and philanthropist. He has mastered the guitar to the point of being sought out for collaborations by acclaimed musicians such as Faith No Mores Jim Martin, as well as performing with and leading his own band, Anand Clique. Hes the first Indian American to be inducted into the Latin Grammy Awards and is a voting member. His recorded work spans heavy metal to jazz. He has turned his attention


<ul><li> 1. Guitar Heroes 2011: Anand BhattRock-N-RollRenassiance ManThe Anand BhattInterviewby Thrust Magazine Contributing Writer M. Alberto Rivera Thrust Magazine May 2011 Page 8 </li> <li> 2. Guitar Heroes 2011: Anand Bhatt L ike so many other restless I doubt it will get old. No matter what minds, Anand Bhatt felt com- THRUST: How did you get in- volved in so many diverse projects: THRUST: Who or what inspired pelled to challenge himself to you work on, do more and to be more. He is rock- writing, performing, acting, playing music? you to play guitar? n-rolls Renaissance man: musician, BHATT: Girls inspired me to play eventually you actor, writer and philanthropist. BHATT: My friends joke with me that working isnt something I do like the guitar, of course! When I was a kid, I used to listen to my older sister get to a point in He has mastered the guitar to the point of being sought out for collabo- a normal person; working is more of an obsessive-compulsive disorder and her friends talk endlessly about how hot Sebastian Bach [Skid Row] a project where rations by acclaimed musicians such as Faith No Mores Jim Martin, as with me. So when opportunity strikes, I strike, too. and Jon Bon Jovi were and I thought to myself, I need to become one of you feel over- well as performing with and leading his own band, Anand Clique. THRUST: Of all the different proj- these guys. My father had an old acoustic guitar lying around from worked and ex- Hes the first Indian American to ects youre involved with, do you find yourself enjoying one more than the when he was in college (he took les- be inducted into the Latin Grammy sons for a week but kept the guitar hausted and Awards and is a voting member. others? If so, why? BHATT: The enjoyment I get out of luckily) and I picked it up and started His recorded work spans heavy noodling on it like a nervous habit. thats where the metal to jazz. each project comes in cycles. No matter what you work on, eventually THRUST: What was the music next project He has turned his attention to act- ing and performing in movies and on you get to a point in a project where you feel overworked and exhausted you grew up with? BHATT: I was raised on the Beatles seems fresh, television, on talk shows and the red carpet. Whether appearing as an and thats where the next project seems fresh, new and exciting. Right and Elvis alongside my Sesame Street tunes (although embarrassingly new and excit- actor or host, Anand always delivers a memorable performance. now Im having a lot of fun doing in- terviews and appearances. I just got I find the Beatles unlistenable now I know its sacrilege to say you hate ing. Right now Still not satisfied with this full sched- a gig from a software company to be their rock star spokesman for five the Beatles). The first rock bands I ule, Anand fully believes a man can ever heard were Van Halen, KISS, Im having a lot do all things if he wills it, leading him minutes at a convention. Being paid heftily to show and be yourself for and Ozzy. I think I had a KISS lunch- to embrace knowledge and develop box in first grade. As I got older I of fun doing in- his capacities as fully as possible. He five minutes is quite the dream job was a cock-rocker and thrash guy all wrote Rock Star Recipes and devel-terviews and ap- oped his own line of hot sauces. His energy and optimism always seempearances. I just boundless. His audience never has to wait too long to see where his curios-got a gig from a ity will lead him, as he is always quick to share his new projects. software com- Anand takes a few moments with pany to be their Thrust Magazine to discuss spicy food, hot women and his distinct rock star world view. THRUST MAGAZINE: How did spokesman for someone who grew up in Chicago develop such a broad and uniquefive minutes at a worldview? convention. Be- ANAND BHATT: Im not sure how broad it actually is, but I know it ing paid heftily helped to grow up in an Indian-Amer- ican family. My parents were also to show and be very big on traveling when we were little. They figured if they got it out of yourself for five our systems early on wed focus on school and career in our twenties. minutes is quite THRUST: You always seem to be traveling. Is there one place wherethe dream job you most enjoy spending time? I doubt it BHATT: It depends on my mood. I am partial to the warm places with will get old. hot girls so Saigon, Bangkok, Santo Domingo but here in the Anand Bhatt States, the people of Austin and Los Angeles do a great job making me feel at home. Anand poses with a South Korean fan in Seoul (January 2011). Thrust Magazine June 2011 Page 9 </li> <li> 3. Guitar Heroes 2011: Anand Bhatt the way! I did listen to a lot of Faith strangers on the street who have read BHATT: I have no idea where this I initially wrote No More; it was a dream come true the book and benefited from it. One energy comes from. Believe it or the Rock Star when I first got to hang with Mike Pat- ton and when Jim Martin wanted to guy told me he lost 40 pounds in four weeks because of tRock Star Recipes. not, Ive calmed down since I was a kid I drove my parents insane! Im Recipes book to do an album with me. THRUST: On some of your record- It makes my day every time I hear something like that. glad they didnt medicate me. I do take a lot of downtime though. I prob- get friends and ings, you seem to have some unusual and unexpected musical choices, THRUST: Youve talked about how important it is for you to eat ably spend a good two to three hours every morning just sitting there think- family to stop such as using very Asian/Third- healthy. Is this ever challenging when ing about stuff or reading. Perhaps its like letting a puppy loose from its World percussion on a metal sound- youre traveling constantly? asking me ques- ing track. Is this a conscious decision BHATT: It used to be, but as I men- leash when I do finally get started with my day. or is it something that develops more tions about my organically? tion in the Rock Star Recipes book, Ive developed all sorts of ways THRUST: Whats the one thing youd most like people to know about eating habits BHATT: Definitely organically. My process is about getting into the where I can eat healthy and tastily no matter where I am. The hardest place you? [laugh]. ... Also, zone. I slow down my breathing and let the music flow which is why I was in Vietnam though. Not that Viet- namese food is unhealthy in fact BHATT: Im friendly, so say hi to me when you see me on the street! my health-con- think my older material may be an acquired taste. I listen to some of it it is all pretty good for you but Im normally a pescatarian/vegetarian, For more information on Anand...</li></ul>