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Guideline full jolly phonics.



The Phonics HandbookP230490 P295857 Print Script $77.90 $77.90+$9.74GST +$9.74GST

The best place to start with Jolly Phonics. A complete resource for teaching, reading, writing and spelling. With over 100 photocopiable pages, it introduces the 42 main letter sounds. This is followed by activity sheets and games for reading and spelling. The Phonics Handbook has a structured yet flexible approach allowing for originality in teaching whilst covering the 5 reading and writing skills. 218 pages. Book measures 23 x 30cm.

jolly phonics

Jolly Grammar is the next stage after Jolly Phonics. It provides teachers with a structured approach to teaching grammar, spelling and punctuation. Jolly Grammar systematically builds upon the childrens knowledge with great ideas and fun ways to help them learn how to express themselves better.

Jolly Grammar Big Book 1P230714 $59.90+$7.49GST Ideal accompaniment to The Grammar Handbook 1 (P230706), this 24-page big book is used to introduce rudiments of grammar to the whole class. It has a wipeclean plastic sheet for the activities and an extensive introduction explaining how to use the big book. Book measures 47 x 37cm.

CIAL OF PE P304923 FER SJolly Grammar Big Book Set

The Grammar Handbook 1P230706 $79.90+$9.99GST Use the Grammar Handbook after the Phonics Handbook. Includes 36 spelling and punctuation and grammar lessons. A revision and extensions of the Phonics Handbook. Photocopiable activities. Measures approximately 23.5 x 30cm.

$99.90 +$12.49GST SAVE $19.901 x P230714, P230730.

CIAL OF PE P304915 FER SJolly Grammar Handbook Set

$149.90 +$18.24GST SAVE $10.001 x P230706, P230722.

Jolly Grammar Big Book 2P230730 $59.90+$7.49GST Ideal accompaniment to The Grammar Handbook 2 (P230722), this 24-page big book is used to introduce rudiments of grammar to the whole class. It has a wipe-clean plastic sheet for the activities and an extensive introduction explaining how to use the big book. Book measures 47 x 37cm.

The Grammar Handbook 2P230722 $79.90+$9.99GST To be used after Grammar Handbook 2. Includes 36 more advanced spelling, grammar and punctuation lessons. Develops dictionary and thesaurus skills, improves vocabulary and comprehension. Measures approximately 23.5 x 30cm.

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Jolly Phonics Workbooks 17P230565 $38.90+$4.86GST These 24-page workbooks are a fun way for children to consolidate what they have learned. The first books have simple letter recognition, while later books introduce joined-up (cursive) writing and the alternative spellings of the vowels. Strategies for tricky spellings and challenging puzzles for developing phonic skills are also provided. Each book measures 20 x 22cm. For 4 years plus.

jolly phonicsFinger Phonics Books 17P230540 $115.00+$14.38GST The Finger Phonics books teach children how to recognise and form the 42 main letter sounds. An action and storyline are given for every sound and each of the 16-page books covers a specific group of letters. Cut-out letters on each page show childrens fingers the correct formation for every letter. For 4 years plus.

Finger Phonics Big Books 17P230557 $199.90+$24.99GST Designed for whole-class use, the Finger Phonics Big Books have the same illustrations and vocabulary as the Finger Phonics books. Each of the seven books comes with a wipe-clean plastic sheet which is handy for letter formation practice and completing exercises. Book measures 47 x 38cm. For 4 years plus.


N.B. Prices are current at time of print but are subject to change. Prices will be conrmed on placement of order.

All these books have regular words so they can be worked out by sounding out and blending. Each booklet has pages with a single word and a picture of the word next to it, under a flap. Each pack contains 12 books, 8 pages per book and 1 word per page. Books measures approximately 15 x 15cm.

literacy jolly phonics

Jolly Phonics Read and See Pack 1P241612 Set of 12 $89.90+$11.24GST

Jolly Phonics Read and See Pack 2P241620 Set of 12 $89.90 +$11.24GST

NEW! Jolly Music Big BookP304865 $76.90+$9.61GST The perfect accompaniment to The Music Handbook. This full-colour big book comes with an integral fold-out stand. It contains the complete collection of five rhymes and 24 songs. Each rhyme or song includes pulse marks to guide the children in performance, and pictures to remind them of the appropriate actions or games. Measures 47 x 35cm. Beginners level suitable for ages 4-7.

Jolly Jingles Big Book and CDP230649 $89.90 +$11.24GSTA fun and interactive way to revise the sounds. A big book of 42 short songs for each sound showing the letter sound, action and tune. It is accompanied by a CD with children singing the songs. Alternatively, the jingles can be read by students to develop their reading skills. 40 pages. Book measures 47 x 35.5cm.

Jolly SongsP241638 $33.90+$4.24GST A collection of songs set to popular tunes for each of the 42 letter sounds in the Jolly Phonics. Includes spoken guide to all 42 letter sounds, fun letter sound games and activities. Book measures approximately 21 x 29cm.

NEW! The MusicHandbookP304857 $99.90+$12.49GST The Music Handbook has been developed so that any teacher can teach music. Includes 30 structured and sequence lesson plans, photocopiable child assessment records and more. Handbook has 144 pages and includes 6 CDs. Measures 22 x 30cm. Beginners level suitable for ages 4-7.

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literacyJolly StoriesP275438 $59.90+$7.49GST Join the adventures of Inky Mouse and her friends. Follow them through 7 stories as they learn the 42 letter sounds. This board book has 40 spreads, each covering 1 or 2 letter sounds. Measures 24 x 30cm.

jolly phonics

Jolly DictionaryP230698 $25.90 +$3.24GSTTeaching children how to use a dictionary will improve reading and writing, and help them become independent learners. A unique Pronunciation Guide is given for each of the 6,000+ age-appropriate words. The definitions have been carefully written so that children find them easy to read and understand. The Jolly Dictionary is also beautifully illustrated throughout. 340 pages. Book measures 24 x 17cm. For 5 years plus.

Jolly Phonics Alternative Spelling PosterP258061 $23.50 +$2.94GST2 single sheet posters showing the different spellings of 9 vowels. Showing all 26 letters in alphabetical order, grouped in 4 dictionary sections. Ideal for teaching children the basic skills needed for looking up words in Jolly Dictionary (P230698). Measures 84 x 59cm each.

Students Nylon Bag



Ideal to use as Library Bags!

P214825 P286468 P214833 P286476 P214841 P286484 P214858 P286492 P226639

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1 of each colour Set of 4


The double draw string back pack style bag is made from strong nylon and has reinforced corners for durability. Each bag has a plastic pocket on the side to allow the bag to be labelled for easy identification and a reflective strip on the front to make the bag visible for safety purposes. Each bag measures 33 x 44cm.

Whimsical and colourful, they can be used for pretend presentations, playing school, office or any role playing. These popular pointers are a hit with children!

Sounds Alike CardsP237636 Set of 11 $32.90 +$4.11GSTLarge, bright and appealing to children these delightful cards will help young readers to identify and learn which common letter groups make the same sound! 32 letter groups are shown on the 11 sturdy laminated boards each measuring 23 x 50cm. For 3 years plus.

Hand PointersP239640 Set of 10 $59.90+$7.49GST Set of 10 pointers includes 2 of each colour: red, blue, green, yellow and orange. Pointers measure 20cm L.


N.B. Prices are current at time of print but are subject to change. Prices will be conrmed on placement of order.

literacy polydron polyphonics



Teacher Direc t! e to siv clu




Purchase any

set of PolyPhonics and receive the CD-ROM

(universally accepted by all interactive whiteboards and computers)

SAVE $99.00


The slightly raised pieces is specifically designed to help young users hold and grip the product. The tiles easily fit together for blending sounds and creating words.

Letters and graphemes are spaced precisely to help children understand the correct format of words. Suitable from 4 years plus.

- Suitable for a group of 8 students+

NEW! Polydron PolyPhonicsP318394 P318386 P319103 107 pieces 321 pieces CD-ROM $259.00 $439.00 $99.00+$32.38GST +$54.88GST +$12.38GST


P318394 - Suitable for a class of 30 students+

An interactive teaching system that complies with the latest recommended teaching methods! A new literacy product that is specifically designed to use with an

Interactive Whiteboard.


PolyPhonics enhances and adheres to the method of teaching literacy. It is an ideal classroom tool for teachers and young learners.


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Mini Pencil Grips


Large 2-in-1

P203190 Pack of 3 P213710 Pack of 24