guidebook ... such as: autodesk revit, autocad, vectorworks nemetschek or archicad. 559 products 27

Download Guidebook ... such as: autodesk Revit, autocaD, Vectorworks Nemetschek or archicaD. 559 products 27

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  • Guidebook

    Design solutions worth your while

  • BIM Rawlplug Design solutions worth your while

    What is it? 03

    Who is it for? 06

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  • What is it?

    BIM Rawlplug

  • 04

    which contains a complete portfolio of models and technical drawings of Rawlplug’s fixings ready to be automatically applied in BIM/CAD environments of a vast majority of most popular and widely used design software solutions.

    BIM Rawlplug is an online application

    Online application

    Revit Plug-in

    Portfolio of models and technical drawings


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    developed in collaboration with our customers and for our customers, based on our shared experience and by focusing on innovativeness of the solutions deployed. Moreover, BIM Rawlplug was developed in line with the NBS (National BIM Library) guidelines. It is for the above reasons that the features, files and information available in BIM Rawlplug are so specialised and complementary, corresponding to the actual needs of construction engineers, designers and architects.

    BIM Rawlplug is a proprietary tool

    Our self-developed application

    Innovative solution

    National BIM Library

  • Who is it for?

    BIM Rawlplug

  • 07

    coNStRuctIoN eNgINeeRS



    BIM Rawlplug is intended for professionals representing various fields of expertise:

    Simplicity of using

    Diversity of data

    whose day-to-day job consists in designing different structures in multiple profiles, irrespective of the scale of the related investments. the simplicity of operation and the complementary nature of the information available in BIM Rawlplug as well as the automation solutions the application features improve the flow and efficiency of work. Moreover, they make it possible to keep the investment under control regardless of the stage of its progress: starting from the concept, through construction and maintenance to potential dismantling.

  • What does it cover?

    BIM Rawlplug

  • 09

    the data contained in the BIM Rawlplug software can be divided into two areas:

    models, technical drawings and views of Rawlplug’s fixings

    information about functional and technical aspects of the products covered by the software



  • 10

    1. Models and technical drawings

    BIM Rawlplug comprises 27 product categories covering 559 products already implemented and as many as 27 391 models and drawings in different projections. the available files are ready to use with most BIM environment software solutions such as: autodesk Revit, autocaD, Vectorworks Nemetschek or archicaD.

    559 products 27 391 models and drawings

    Designers, architects and construction engineers will find our solution to be an invaluable source of two-dimensional (2D) technical drawings for direct application in the chosen design software as well as three-dimensional (3D) product views for simple and comprehensive design visualisation or for purposes of marketing presentations.

    two-dimensional (2D) three-dimensional (3D)

    each product can be viewed in 6 projections: isometric view as well as front, back, top, bottom and side view. they can also be zoomed in, as you find it convenient. there is the dynamic 360 view option, and the automatically rotating object can be stopped at any time to manually change its position or to scale it up and down.

    6 projections and 3600 view

    the way models are displayed depending on the chosen presentation option as well as the intuitive navigation enable unconstrained, quick and efficient switching between the views which you find useful at the given moment.

    Intuitive navigation

    You can select the right fixing type based the parameters that are most crucial for the investment or the object being designed, such as the substrate type, fixing diameter, coating type, material type, but also reference documents.

    Filtering by key parameters

  • 11

    2. Functional and technical information

    BIM Rawlplug is a solution which features a library of mechanical anchors, while Rawlplug continues its efforts to develop software that would render available the most important product lines from the brand’s portfolio.

    1. materials and product finishing options 2. mechanical parameters 3. strength parameters, including average failure load, design

    load and recommended dimensions

    4. dimensions where, besides the typical lengths, outer diame- ters or wrench sizes, one can also verify the parameters which define e.g. minimum distance of anchoring from the edge, anchoring depth or the depth of a hole in the substrate

    5. identification information required to prepare documentation or manage the building service, presented as a label attached to each product and covering such basic parameters as the in- dex name, product group, substrate type or links to approvals and other detailed information.

    the technical information has been divided into the following categories:

    documents and parameters concerning the implemented products. they are all indispensable when designers, architects and construc- tion engineers are dealing with their everyday design jobs. and thanks to how they have been prepared and presented, these jobs can now be performed more swiftly. all pieces of product related information that you will find in BIM Rawlplug are complementary and compliant with requirements of software solutions run in the BIM environment. All technical information has been transparently presented in the application section known as [Product details].

    BIM Rawlplug is a source of dozens of thousands of information items,

  • How to obtain the software?

    BIM Rawlplug

  • 13

    using the Revit Plug-in and through integra- tion of the BIM Rawlplug product library with that of the Autodesk Revit environment, being widely used architectural, building and engineering design software of worldwide popularity

    2. Revit Plug-in

    using BIM Rawlplug online product library, if one uses different BIM/caD environment software solutions

    1. BIM Rawlplug online

    there are two ways to use the data contained in BIM Rawlplug:

    Autodesk Revit


  • 14

    Integration of the data library with Autodesk Revit, being the most popular and widely used building infor- mation modelling software, is now possible thanks to an innovative Revit Plug-in. You only need to download the plug-in from the website, available under Services/BIM Rawlplug. It means that while working with the design software one can freely use the product models rendered available by BIM Rawlplug without being forced to switch between Revit and browser. And even more importantly, BIM Rawlplug is 100% compati- ble with the Autodesk Revit interface and features.


    BIM Rawlplug integration with Autodesk Revit

    BIM Rawlplug is an application that can be downloaded from the Services tab at It may be used by anyone who intends to browse through and become familiar with the models, drawings and information the system provides, without being forced to register and subsequently log on. Registration and logging in is only required if the user wishes to download selected materi- als and use them in an in-house design project.

    1. using online software

  • 15

    Plug-in Revit

    can be downloaded from the Services tab dedicated to the BIM Rawlplug software at the user manual provides detailed information on the method, scope and form of presentation of the files browsed through, and explains:

    how to search for products

    how to select and download a product

    what the clipboard is and how to use it

    how to use links to product pages, the technical library, approvals and technical data

    how to download the Revit Plug-in

    how to download products once the plug-in has been installed

    how to use them in the design

    how to access and make use of search results.

    the user manual

  • Specific advantages to keep in mind

    BIM Rawlplug

  • 17

    BIM Rawlplug stands for a state-of-the-art comprehensive tool that makes the designer’s, architect’s and construction engineer’s job easier and more efficient whenever they are involved in developing architectural, structural and engineering designs in the BIM environment. BIM Rawlplug offers 3 key advantages:

    Infrastructural integration

    the innovative Revit Plug-in enables you to apply selected fixing models and drawings directly in the structure design you are developing


    Complementary software

    the solutions deployed in the application are complementary to and compatible on multiple layers with the BIM/CAD environment


    extensive technical data

    efficient and customised product parameterisation makes it much easier to design but also to perform construction works and to manage the building service aspects


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