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  1. 1. Guide to the Most Popular Types of Sports Bets
  2. 2. If you are new to sports betting or just looking to improve your knowledge, betting tutorial will tell you everything you need to know about the most popular types of bets available online. Introduction
  3. 3. 1. Straight Bets 2. Money line 3. Point Spread 4. Total Bets 5. Parlays 6. Teasers 7. Futures 8. Live bets 9. Propositions 10. Win 11. Place 12. Accumulator Index of Betting Types
  4. 4. Straight Bets are the simplest bets. In a Straight Bet a punter bets in advance which team they think will win the game. Some Straight Bets are placed on which team will win outright, whilst others incorporate a points spread. At the sports books recommended by there are Straight Bets available for all markets. 1. Straight Bets
  5. 5. Moneyline bets are placed on who will win, with no point spread or any other facets included. Often Moneyline bets on the underdog are more rewarding, as they are less favoured to win. Betting on the favourite with Moneyline odds could see a punter risk more than they win. 2. Moneyline Bets
  6. 6. Point Spread bets are very popular in basketball and football. To even out odds on games where one team is clearly a favourite, sports books implement point spreads, which are illustrated by plus and minus signs. A Point Spread is a handicap for the weaker team, or a deduction from the stronger one to even out the betting odds. 3. Point Spread Bets
  7. 7. Total Bets are similar in premise to Point Spread Bets, however the punter bets on the total points scored in a game. These bets can be placed on the winning or losing teams score or a combined total. At endorsed sites, the Total Bets available can result in very lucrative wins. 4. Total Bets
  8. 8. Parlay Bets are a great way to win big off a smaller wager. These bets are a group of Straight Bets combined into one. For a winning result in a Parlay Bet, all the individual bets of the combined bet need to be successful. Parlay Bets are often groups of Straight Bets but there are more complex options available at the sites, as these cater to all skill and experience level of punter. 5. Parlay Bets
  9. 9. Teaser Bets combine a group of Straight Bets or Total Bets in football and basketball. The difference between a Teaser Bet and a Parlay is that in the Teaser Bet, a punters line is moved by the number of Teaser Points in their favour after every individual wager. For example if a line is -10 and a 6-point Teaser is taken, the line will then be -4. All individual bets need to be successful for a Teaser Bet to be a winner. 6. Teasers
  10. 10. Futures Bets are placed on events that are up and coming, with results often only available at the close of a sporting season. These long-term bets can be hard to predict and this usually increases the odds in the punters favour. Popular Futures Bets include betting on the winners of the Super Bowl, the AFL Premiership and the NBA Finals. 7. Futures
  11. 11. Live or In-Play Bets are placed in real-time during an event taking place. reminds Aussie punters that when enjoying Live Betting Down Under, these bets must be placed telephonically. Live Bets are take whilst the event is in full swing and odds fluctuate depending on how likely the bet is to come to fruition. 8. Live Bets
  12. 12. Propositions or Prop Bets is a bet made on a single event that will take place during a competition. These types of bets are not reliant on the games final outcome but more on an event that happened during the game. Examples of Proposition Bets would be who scores the most goals, if someone will score a hat trick, or the outcome of the coin toss at the start of a match. 9. Proposition Bets
  13. 13. As the name determines, a Win Bet is one that gives a return only if the punters bet comes first in a selection. A Win Bet will only be placed on a single event and is very popular in horse racing. 10. Win Bets
  14. 14. Another popular bet and available at the many sports books that have been given the seal of approval, a Place Bet produces a return only if the horse, player or team finishes within a predetermined place. Place Bets dont have to refer to first place and can be structured to include a few places, such as 1st, 2nd and 3rd. 11. Place
  15. 15. Accumulator Bets are 4 or more bets of which all must be successful in order to win. In an Accumulator a punters winning stake will be used to wager on the next bet and so forth. Incredibly rewarding if all bets prove to be correct, Accumulators can be named after the number of bets they contain, for example, fivefold, sixfold or even higher. 12. Accumulator Bets
  16. 16. You are now ready to go and bet on your favourite sport, race or event at a sports book endorsed by!