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The Better Business Bureau presents a guide to sweepstakes and foreign lottery scams.


  • 1.Its your lucky day!

2. 3. 4. Sue: My claim number is 587456. I live at 4984 S. 1st Street. I got a letter about some sort of prize? ILC Representative: Congratulations Ms. Jones, youre our big winner!!! 5. 6. The money is on its way to Canada 7. Three weeks later

  • She sees that check again

VOID Counterfeit 8. Sue didnt know the difference between Available Balance and Current Balance.

  • Banks are required to allow account holders access to their funds within 5 days or less, but it takes more time for a check to actually clear.
  • TheCurrent Balanceis the actual balance in your account on a specific day, and does not reflect any holds or pending transactions (transactions not yet posted).


  • It is illegal for American citizens to win foreign lotteries through the mail or email.
  • You should never have to pay an advanced fee to participate in a sweepstakes. Even if the organizers tell you its for taxes or insurance.
  • No matter how official these solicitations look or sound, theyre not real.
  • Lottery scammers often insist the money be wired to them. That makes it quicker for them to get it and harder to trace.
  • The only guarantee is that youll end up on more sucker lists.
  • Your chances of recovering money from foreign crooks may be even worse than of actually winning a lottery.

10. What to do if you receive a foreign lottery letter: 1.Turn over the mailing to the US Postal Inspection Service. 2.If it originates in Canada, you can contact the Phonebusters division of the Royal Canadian Mounties. Call toll free: 1-888-495-8501Anytime you receive a questionable offer,you can contact your local BBB for information.Call 1-800-359-0979or visit us on the web at


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