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  • Guide to Mocking Up Apparel

  • Once the document has been opened this is what you will see. In the layers panel you will see two folders one labeled T-shirt mock up vol 3 and bg (Background). Click the triangle on the T-shirt mock up volume 3 to reveal a set of customizing options. Once done you will see PUT YOUR DESIGN HERE and below that the Color of the shirt option.

    1, Download the zipped file2, unzip the file3, Click on the .psd file to reveal mock up in Photoshop.

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    Step TwoStep One

  • When the design change file opens this is what you will see. In the layers panel, delete every layer except for the bottom layer labeled area. To delete all of the layers simultaneously, click the top shape layer hold shift and click the bottom shape layer then hit the trashcan or delete button.

    You can change the color of the shirt by double clicking the option and eyedropping any color you prefer. When you are ready to change the design, go to the first rectangle and double click the small grey icon in the bottom right hand corner.

    click here to change the design

    Step FourStep Three

  • under the file menu hit save and then close out of the design window. To replace the design simply create a PNG file of your artwork and drag and drop it from the desktop to photoshop and then position it to the desired location and hit enter to place it.

    Step SixStep Five

  • To save your design go to file, save as and then save as a PNG or JPEG to your desired loca-tion.

    Since a black t-shirt didnt look very good with my design, I changed it to white.

    Step EightStep Seven

  • Please email me @ if you have any questions or concerns!