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Guia Linkedin para empresas.


  • 1. LinkedIn Workbook Step by Step GuideLinkedIn Workbook WSI Marketing en Internet 2
  • 2. LinkedIn Workbook WSI B2B Marketing 843-559-0753Creating Your Perfect Profile LinkedIn is a place where Relationships Matter This is LinkedIns slogan. The Social Media LinkedIns goal is to help you be more effective in your daily work and open doors to Sales revolution opportunities using the professional relationships you already have The way we communicate LinkedIn is not social in the sense of personal, non-work related information. It has changed and your really is a huge database that you can strategically search through to identify people sales tactics also need to and organizations that you want to sell to, create alliances with, hire, refer business change if you want to stay to, network with and add value to as a professional. in the game. Goals In a short space of time Social Media has become By following this workbook and using the LinkedIn Learning Center, you will learn the most important the following: platform for initiating and Establish credibility and start building your personal brand maintaining communication with Develop an understanding of how to leverage LinkedIn in your business customers. Have the confidence to become more effective using LinkedIn Get ready to overhaul Get a jump-start by completing your worksheets and experiment with your your sales approach by own searches for new contacts, groups, and companies using LinkedIn to find and Build a network of both quality and quantity contacts to increase your likelihood sell to new customers. of getting connected to people and companies you could do business with Turn your LinkedIn profile into a self-service repository of your companys sales content Market your business on LinkedIn Who should use these guidelines? This workbook is ideal for professionals across all industries and does not require technical knowledge. 1. Sales Managers and their teams 2. Marketing Managers 3. C-Level Executives 4. Senior Management 5. Middle ManagementLinkedIn Workbook WSI Marketing en Internet 3
  • 3. Workbook LayoutThis workbook is going to lead you through these basic steps to get you going professionally on LinkedIn.1. Profile quick definitions so you know where you are headed2. Background information that you will use later in setting up your profile and then searching for new contacts to add to your network3. Creating your Profile4. Conducting and Qualifying Searches5. Making Contact6. Advice for using LinkedIn in 20 Minutes Per DayThis workbook is designed to augment the excellent help that LinkedIn provides in their Learning Center at We recommend you use the Learning Center for even more detailed instructions on some of the topics covered here.LinkedIn Workbook WSI Marketing en Internet 4
  • 4. LinkedIn Profile Summaryand Definitions.ddddSe A 100% complete profile appears significantly more often in the search results. LinkedIn tells you exactly what you still need to do if your profile is not 100% complete. PHOTO Use a quality, business photo that clearly shows your face. Use at least 80x80 pixels. HEADLINE Think like your customer: What is my target audience looking for? Product, service, specialty, etc.) Use interesting, keywords to formulate a catchy slogan that will make you Top of Mind. SUMMARY Dont use your summary to describe your company. Ask yourself: What makes me tick? Why do I do what I am doing? Write about that first. Just make sure to keep it professional! SPECIALTIES Make a list of all your specialties, use bullet points like to emphasize your specialties even more. EXPERIENCE Enter every single position you held after secondary school, even student jobs RECOMMENDATIONS You will need a minimum of 3 recommendations in order to get a 100% complete profile. Ask previous managers and happy clients. Ask them to write WHAT you did together and HOW your input made a positive difference. GIVE recommendations; this gives you exposure to the whole network of the receiver. WEBSITES Always try to list three websites and choose Other instead of Company Website. If you dont have three websites, use relevant pages within your site or to an important project you worked on. TWITTER Are you on twitter? Add your twitter account and choose the option Share only tweets that contain #in this prevents you from cluttering your connections homepage PUBLIC PROFILE URL Change this to your own name, Google finds you more quickly and you can use the URL in your email signature. Called a vanity URL. GROUPS Join at least 10 LinkedIn groups: five groups where you share knowledge with people in your industry and five where your prospective clients are found. Play active role in-group discussions and show your expertise.LinkedIn Workbook WSI Marketing en Internet 5
  • 5. Goals WorksheetName:ddddSe Overview In this exercise you will complete your business and personal goals, giving thought to whom you would like to do business with. This will be useful background information as you write more on your profile and start building your network of contacts. With whom do you want to do business with? Industries 1. 2. 3. Job Titles 1. 2. 3. Company Size (Approx. number of employees): 1. 2. 3. Names of specific companies (If known): 1. 2. 3.LinkedIn Workbook WSI Marketing en Internet 6
  • 6. Events What types of business events do you host throughout the year? Incl. Webinars. 1. 2. 3. What types of business events to you plan to attend in the next year? 1. 2. 3.LinkedIn Workbook WSI Marketing en Internet 7
  • 7. Areas of Interest LinkedIn Groups Which business topics interest you most (sales, marketing, events, management, exec)? Groups to which your clients & strategic business partners are likely to belong: Charitable or non-profits groups that interest you or to which you belong: Name a few hobbies and interests (golf, real estate, fishing, etc.): Which college(s) did you attend? (Alumni groups are on LinkedIn) Do you blog or have plans to start one? If so, which blog topics? Does your job responsibility include hiring of business professionals, finding qualified reps, vendors, forming strategic partnerships, fundraising, etc?LinkedIn Workbook WSI Marketing en Internet 8
  • 8. Keyword Optimize.ddddSeKeyword listThe right keywords in your profile are the main basis as to whether you will win the being found part of the LinkedInbusiness objectives. Keyword brainstorm Check your keyword density here Headline (Extra points from LinkedIn search rankings) Summary Places where you should Specialties include your target Experience: Job titles (Extra points from LinkedIn search keywords rankings) Experience: Description of jobs Recommendations Be sure to think of different words that people may use to describe the same thing, like attorney & lawyer, legal & law, editor & proofreader, teacher & instructor. Titles youve held Products you sell Services you provide Brand names you sell Job responsibilities youve had Certification & degrees Names of software you know how to use Countries you serve Book titles / articles youve written Present & past employers names Associations you belong to Hobbies & activitiesLinkedIn Workbook WSI Marketing en Internet 9
  • 9. Creating My Profile.ddddS Professional headline and photo headshot Brainstorm Mini Statements for your headline: Rough Draft #1 Rough Draft #2 Final Version LinkedIn Workbook WSI Marketing en Internet 10
  • 10. Creating My Profile.ddddSe Models that Work Well: Value Proposition or Solution / Trust / Credibility / Title & Company Title & Company / Credibility / Value Proposition or Solution / Trust Value Statement or specific call to Action Examples: Marketing Director at (Company Name) New Business Solutions 8 Million Books sold / Authority of Creating Business Leads/ Sales Trainer / CEO / Excellence Enterprises M&A IT Strategist / Fortune 500 Program Manager / Strategic Planning / PMO / President & COO at Excellence Enterprises Location, Industry (select from list of 150 or so): Website links (include up to three): Ex. Company Website, Blog, Twitter, Portfolio, Recent Press, etc.LinkedIn Workbook WSI Marketing en Internet 11
  • 11. Creating My Profile.ddddSe Summary of professional experience, goals and areas of specialization: First Paragraph: Communicate quickly and clearly the type of opportunities you are seeking. Second Paragraph: Highlight 3 or 4 key career accomplishments that demonstrate your qualifications. [Dont use bullet points. Make it a friendly narrative.] Third Paragraph: Answer the question: How are you UNIQUE? How are you DIFFERENT? ADD for more info line SPECIALTIES: Include ALL the keyword phrases you think people might use to search for someone who does what you do.LinkedIn Workbook WSI Marketing en Internet 12
  • 12. Creating My Profile.ddddSe Twitter Books you want to read, are reading, have read and comments on each. Control profile updates using #IN Slide Share Presentations (optional application): Integrate PowerPoint, YouTube Videos, PDFs, Photography (converted to PDF) Reading list by Amazon (optional application): Books you want to read, are reading, have read and comments on each. Events (optional): Events you plan to host or attend. Blog Sync: Recent entries to your blog are automatically published within your LinkedIn profile.LinkedIn Workbook WSI Marketing en Internet 13
  • 13. Creating My Profile.ddddSe Position (title, time period, and description): Write 3 positions. Current and prior positions. Education (school, degree, dates, activities): People for whom youd like to write a thoughtful recommendation: Create a free company profile (if needed, already complete for most companies) Click "Company" in LinkedIns top navigation. Click "Add a Company" in the blue header bar. Follow on-screen instructions.LinkedIn Workbook WSI Marketing en Internet 14
  • 14. Conducting & QualifyingSearches.ddddSe Overview In this exercise you will learn how to do company, people, events and group searches Qualify by Company search: Click "Company" in LinkedIns top navigation. Click "Search Companies" on dropdown menu Click on Search Companies tab Enter filtering criteria and press the "Search Companies" button. Tips for Searching Company Profile pages: New Hires/Recent Promotions: a change in decision-making = new supplier opportunity. Career path can provide suggestions about other companies to consider in your search. Key Statistics - Size, website, contact info, job title groupings to see all, etc. Search People: Verify or select "People" in LinkedIns top navigation search box (right sid...