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Guest Speakers London Campus 2010-11


<ul><li><p> MBA Careers Schedule Toolbox &amp; Module A 2010-11 </p><p>Friday 3rd September CORE CLASS - Career Services / AQR Launch event </p><p>9:30am 12:30pm Cohort 1 </p><p>1:30pm 4:30pm Cohort 2 </p><p>MAL 152 </p><p>These highly interactive workshops hosted by Career Services and AQR are designed to start your thinking about how you can </p><p>make the most of your time on the MBA and develop a set of skills and experiences that will maximise your future opportunities. </p><p>Based on the AQR Mental Toughness test you will have the chance to explore this concept further as well as build bonds with </p><p>your team. </p><p>Judith Krichefski </p><p>Peter Wortley </p><p>Friday 10th September ELECTIVE - Prevue for Careers &amp; MTQ48 Feedback Sessions </p><p>9:00am 10:00am </p><p>3:00pm 4:00pm </p><p>CLO G02 </p><p>These sessions provide the opportunity to understand and interpret your assessment results in more detail and discuss issues </p><p>arising in a small group format. Sessions are available on Friday 10th</p><p> and Monday 13th</p><p> September. </p><p>Monday 13th September ELECTIVE - Prevue for Careers &amp; MTQ48 Feedback Sessions </p><p> With a combination of executive coaching and mentoring and over 25 years experience, Judith has </p><p>empowered over 1,500 senior management teams to increase their business efficiency and profitability. In </p><p>all areas - from strategy and planning, to marketing and operations, she helps individuals to get the best </p><p>from their workforce by introducing a "can-do" culture to achieve long-term business objectives in the most </p><p>effective way. </p><p>Peter is an experienced Managing Director and Project Manager developing a career in business support. </p><p>Throughout his career, Peter has been involved in leading, developing and coaching senior teams in the UK </p><p>manufacturing sector, learning, adapting and applying best practice. Passionate about the development of </p><p>others and with hands on experience of the application of theory in industry, Peter is able to present and </p><p>coach a team to adopt and apply the subject matter in any environment. </p></li><li><p>9:00am 10:00am </p><p>3:00pm 4:00pm </p><p>MAL 540 </p><p>These sessions provide the opportunity to understand and interpret your assessment results in more detail and discuss issues </p><p>arising in a small group format. Sessions are available on Friday 10th</p><p> and Monday 13th</p><p> September. </p><p>Thursday 30th September CORE CLASS - CV &amp; Cover Letter Workshops </p><p>1:00pm 3:00pm </p><p>3:00pm 5:00pm </p><p>MAL B36 / 252 / 253 </p><p>These small group workshops (maximum 25 students per class) focus on producing career marketing materials that stand out </p><p>and highlight your skills in achievements in a way that is meaningful to your chosen employer. Themed around different topics </p><p>you are encouraged to attend the class best suited to you: </p><p>1:00pm 3:00pm MAL B36 Principles of an Achievement Driven CV and Cover Letter (for those who have little experience of </p><p>CV writing or dont have clear plans) </p><p>1:00pm 3:00pm MAL 252 CVs for Career Changers </p><p>3:00pm 5:00pm MAL B36 Leadership CVs (for those taking a step up in their current career) </p><p>3:00pm 5:00pm MAL 253 Advanced CV Principles (exploring formats and ideas to make your CV stand out from the crowd for </p><p>those looking to add extra oomph!) </p><p>Thursday 7th</p><p> October CORE CLASS - Communicating with Impact (part 1) </p><p>1:30pm 4:30pm </p><p>MAL B36 </p><p> Executives who successfully master their ability to communicate gain a decisive edge in modern business. You may be at </p><p>interview, presenting to clients, or seeking to impress the executive board. Either way, your personal impact can make the </p><p>difference between success and failure. The question is: which will it be? </p><p>The 2010-11 Communication Seminars will provide you with tools and insights to help give you that decisive edge. Working with </p><p>championship-winning speaker, Simon Bucknall, you will pick up practical tips and techniques used by some of the worlds most </p><p>successful professional speakers and communication professionals. </p><p>In this first session, you will come away with skills enabling you to: </p><p> Project confidence when presenting, even if you dont feel it </p><p> Feel more comfortable presenting without notes </p><p> Speak off-the-cuff with greater clarity and conviction </p><p> Deploy a killer 30 second Elevator Pitch </p><p> Get your listeners attention in networking situations </p><p> Add impact to your existing anecdotes and case studies </p><p> Be more engaging in Q&amp;A situations </p><p>Simon Bucknall An award-winning speaker and trainer, Simon is the youngest person ever to win back-to-back GB &amp; All </p><p>Ireland Public Speaking titles. He is also the last person in the world you should ever consult for advice on </p><p>DIY. Today, drawing on a broad-based career background spanning corporate executive search, politics and </p><p>consumer brand strategy &amp; innovation, Simon helps professional people maximise their personal impact as </p><p>communicators and as leaders. His workshops and presentations have empowered audiences in the USA, the </p><p>United Arab Emirates, India, Pakistan, Finland, Denmark, and across UK and Ireland. </p></li><li><p>Thursday 7th October EXECUTIVE SPEAKER Michel Hofman, MD, European Head of Systems Development , RABOBANK </p><p>6:00pm 8:00pm </p><p>Venue TBC </p><p>Michel Hofman </p><p>Friday 15th October ELECTIVE - Pitch Yourself </p><p>2:00pm 4:00pm </p><p>MAL B36 </p><p>Using his considerable success in the world of advertising and marketing, Bill Faust has created a unique concept and toolkit to </p><p>put marketing principles to work for your career. The "Career DNA Bank" is a tool for life that allows you to identify, evidence </p><p>and authenticate your Transferable Assets. An essential part of understanding you and what it is you have to offer to a potential </p><p>or your current employer. To use an old adage People buy People, therefore it is essential to understand what your assets (the </p><p>people) have to offer and how this manifests itself as themselves and working as a team. </p><p>To help do this "The Career DNA Bank" and the "Company DNA Bank" are important tools for any business wanting to move </p><p>forward be it into new verticals or excel in their current markets. </p><p>In this session and the follow up one to one work, Bill offers an alternative to the traditional CV and career marketing approach </p><p>in a lively and fun format if youre looking for something different to stand out from the rest this elective is a must-attend. </p><p>Bill Faust </p><p> Thursday 21st October ELECTIVE - Functional Awareness Workshop - Consulting </p><p>In this role, Michels responsibilities include Front Office IT for the Global Financial Markets global business </p><p>line and the current and future application landscape across Europe (except the Netherlands). The role is </p><p>based in London in Rabobanks European Head office. Michel has previously worked in Rabobanks internet </p><p>Banking division and has an extensive background in Knowledge Management both in the commercial and </p><p>academic world. </p></li><li><p>2:00pm 4:00pm </p><p>MAL B36 </p><p>Don Leslie </p><p>Thursday 4th</p><p> November ELECTIVE - Functional Awareness Workshop Renewable and Clean Careers </p><p>10am 5pm </p><p>MAL B36 </p><p>Clean Careers are an increasingly popular choice for MBA graduates. The world is facing two major challenges; a gloomy post-</p><p>recession period and ecological crisis. But these challenges are interlinked and bring about opportunities. In the US, The Apollo </p><p>Institute estimates that every $1million invested in energy efficiency projects creates 21.5 jobs (compared to 11.5 in new natural </p><p>gas generation). In Germany, $5.2 billion of public subsidy leveraging private investment led to the energy efficiency retrofitting </p><p>of 340,000 apartments, creating or saving 140,000 jobs. Here in the UK, The Environmental Change Institute estimates that a </p><p>3.5-6.5 billion a year spent on energy efficiency retrofitting of the UK housing stock would create as many as 75,000 jobs. Over </p><p>the course of the day, Laura-Jane Silverman, Director of Trinity Green Consultancy will provide a detailed market overview to </p><p>help you understand where your opportunities are, then through a series of one to one and small group meetings will help you </p><p>create a tailored strategy for your Clean Career search. </p><p>Laura-Jane Silverman </p><p>Thursday 4th November EXECUTIVE SPEAKER Christian Hernandez Gallardo, Head of International Business Development, FACEBOOK </p><p>Don Leslie is a Heriot-Watt graduate who worked for Deloitte in Johannesburg, Edinburgh and London </p><p>before moving into recruitment in the early 1980s. He recruited his first management consultant - </p><p>ironically, for Deloitte - in 1983 and has specialised in this area of the market since then. Within the </p><p>management consultancy team he works on recruitment for international development consultancies, </p><p>defence consultancies, and other areas of public sector consultancy. He also looks after team moves. Don </p><p>is an REC prizewinner, a former President of AIESEC, one of the founder-directors of BLT and first to the </p><p>office kitchen when chocolate biscuits are on offer. </p><p>Laura-Jane graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge in 2004 with a Masters Degree in Modern and </p><p>Medieval Languages. She began her career in the television industry, first as a presenter and later as a </p><p>Director of Business Development for one of the top UK Post Production Companies. In 2006 Laura-Jane </p><p>was headhunted into a financial recruitment role in the City where she built a desk in Corporate and </p><p>Project Finance. It was in this role that she developed her passion for the renewable energy arena and 2 </p><p>years ago set up her own niche recruitment company specialising in the green sector. She is a frequent </p><p>attendee at global renewable energy conferences, exhibitions, and networking events and has led </p><p>numerous workshops at the top European Business Schools. As a Director of Trinity Green, Laura-Jane is </p><p>responsible for all European operations and will be assisting in the setup of a US office in 2010. </p></li><li><p>6:00pm 8:00pm </p><p>Venue TBC </p><p>Monday 8th</p><p> November EXECUTIVE SPEAKER Marcus East, Director, COMIC RELIEF </p><p>6:00pm 8:00pm </p><p>Venue TBC </p><p>Marcus East </p><p>Thursday 11th November ELECTIVE - Pitch Yourself follow up </p><p>10:00am 12:00pm </p><p>MAL B35 </p><p>Make the most of this opportunity to follow up with Bill Faust on the ideas and concepts introduced in the Pitch Yourself elective </p><p>on 15th</p><p> October. Bill will offer the opportunity to gain his and your colleagues feedback, answer detailed questions and really </p><p>help you tell your story. </p><p>Monday 29th</p><p> November ELECTIVE - Networking using LinkedIn </p><p>9:30am 12:00pm </p><p>12:30pm 3:00pm </p><p>3:30pm 5:00pm </p><p>Online networking and social media have opened up a whole new world of opportunities for finding business and career </p><p>opportunities but how do you make sure you are making the most of them? We all know people on LinkedIn, but how do you </p><p>make it work hard for you? In this series of seminars (repeated on Tuesday 30th November), Will Kintish will provide invaluable </p><p>hints and tips to make sure that your online presence is the best it can be. </p><p>9:30am 12:00pm Beginners - This workshop is for people who have decided to join LinkedIn but know nothing about it or for </p><p>As Head of International Business Development, Christian is tasked with increasing the use and </p><p>engagement of the Facebook platform across international markets through the establishment of </p><p>partnerships with media firms, technology companies, innovative start-ups and leading brands. </p><p>Christians previous experience includes Google and Microsoft and he holds an MBA in </p><p>Entrepreneurship from Wharton Business School. </p><p>Christian Hernandez Gallardo </p><p>Marcus is a technologist and professional manager with over 16 years experience of working in the </p><p>Information Technology &amp; New Media sectors. </p><p>He has two degrees: a bachelors with honours in Management &amp; Information Technology from London </p><p>Guildhall and a masters in Social Enterprise from the University of Cambridge. I am also member of the </p><p>Chartered Management Institute. </p><p>He started his career with IBM where he spent six years honing his sales and professional business skills, </p><p>before joining Omnicoms where he spent two years learning about the importance of user </p><p>experience, and further developed his management skills. Since then, he has been an executive for a number </p><p>of companies, and today he is Chief Technologist at Comic Relief, one of the worlds leading charities. </p></li><li><p>Venue TBC those who are registered and have hardly started using it. </p><p>12:30pm 3:00pm Intermediate - People, who are registered, accept invitations, rarely use it and feel they need to understand </p><p>all the main features. </p><p>3:30pm 5:00pm Advanced - This session is for people who use the basic functions but feel they need to get into the nooks and </p><p>crannies of LinkedIn. </p><p>Will Kintish </p><p> Tuesday 30</p><p>th November ELECTIVE - Networking using LinkedIn </p><p>9:30am 12:00pm </p><p>12:30pm 3:00pm </p><p>3:30pm 5:00pm </p><p>Venue TBC </p><p>A repeat of Mondays sessions </p><p>Thursday 2nd</p><p> December ELECTIVE - Induction to Finance </p><p>2:00pm 5:00pm </p><p>MAL B36 </p><p>In this highly informative and interactive session, Roger Howgego draws on his extensive experience in the global investment </p><p>banking industry to help you navigate structure, functions and roles, prepare for applications and interviews and help you </p><p>differentiate yourself from the competition. </p><p>Roger Howgego </p><p>Thursday 2nd December EXECUTIVE SPEAKER - Robyn Scott, Co-founder &amp; Director, ONELEAP </p><p>6:00pm 8:00pm Robyn Scott </p><p>Will Kintish was a practicing accountant for nearly 30 years. During most of those years selling, marketing </p><p>and business development generally were not activities associated with his profession. It is only now, in </p><p>todays modern and competitive world are the professionals expected, not only to be great technicians but </p><p>to be able to help bring business in. This is often uncomfortable for most people. In the last 10 years since </p><p>leaving the profession he has presented to over 55,000 professionals and business people across Europe. </p><p>Roger Howgego has close to 30 years in the Investment Banking Industry based in Europe. </p><p>He left Lehman Brothers in 2000 as a Managing Director in the Fixed Income Business responsible for </p><p>European Government Sales Globally and Fixed Income Research for Europe. Latterly he was responsible </p><p>for the campus recruitment function at Analyst and Associate level for the European businesses. Roger </p><p>now specialises in Financial Services career coaching in all aspects of the selection process and action </p><p>learning consulting at some of the Citys largest banks. </p><p>Co-founder of OneLeap, and an established social entrepreneur, Robyn also has varied business and media </p><p>experience. She is chair and co-founder of Mothers for All, which teaches entrepreneurship skills to AIDS </p><p>orphan caregivers, ambassador for the Access to Medicine Index and co-founder of stirrlondon. She has </p><p>written an acclaimed book, and worked in energy and pharma. A Gates Cambridge Scholar, she has a BSc </p><p>Bioinformatics and an MPhil Bioscience Enterprise, Distinction. </p></li><li><p> Thursday 9</p><p>th December EXECUTIVE SPEAKER - Smita Mathur, Senior Vice President Quality Engagement Executive, Global Business Solutions </p><p>Global Corporate &amp; Investment Banking, BANK OF AMERICA MERRILL LYNCH </p><p>6:00pm 8:00pm Smita Mathur </p></li></ul>