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Guest Speakers Dubai Campus


<ul><li><p> 1 </p><p>Date </p><p>Speaker </p><p>Seminar topic </p><p>8th September 09 </p><p>Mr. Erwin Bamps, Executive Manager, Gulf Craft Inc </p><p>Strategic Excellence </p><p>17th September 09 </p><p>Mr. Rehan Khan, Chief Operating Officer, Cirrus Development </p><p>Global Cross Culture Structure </p><p>28th September 09 </p><p>Mr. Aeyad Sabbagh, Business Development Manager, Etisalat </p><p>Mr. Jim Wallace, Owner, Feel Brands </p><p>Mr. Mohammad Sohail, Project Manager, Al Farra Properties </p><p>Functional workshops: - Information and Communications </p><p>Technology </p><p>- Marketing Branding Communication </p><p>- Project Management </p><p>1st October 09 </p><p>Mr. James Sayer, Senior Manager, Robert Half International </p><p>Mr. Nigel Moore, Managing Director, Logistics Executive Recruitment </p><p>Functional workshops: - Banking </p><p>- Supply Chain </p><p>8th October 09 </p><p>Mr. Rajeev Lalwani, Partner, Advisory, KPMG </p><p>Mr. Manoj Mathew, Business Head, Zee Middle East </p><p>Mr. Harshit Jain, Head of Liabilities, Emirates NBD </p><p>Mr. Rick Campbell, Project Director&lt; Schneider Electric </p><p>What consulting firms look for in joiners / advisors, when they recruit </p><p>Digital Marketing </p><p>Customer as a King Corporate Banking </p><p>Green Energy </p><p>15th November 09 </p><p>Dr. Nigel Rea, Managing Director, Adam and Stroud </p><p>Managing Stress in a leadership role </p><p>19th November 09 </p><p>Mr. William Ho, Consultant Deloitte, Singapore </p><p>Q and A session for Consulting Industry </p></li><li><p> 2 </p><p>25th November 09 </p><p>Mr. Koh Seng Choon Managing Director, Chris Ben </p><p>How to do business with Arab, Chinese and Indian </p><p>8th December 09 </p><p>Dr. Omar Fisher Strategic Advisor to Chairman Methaq Takaful UAE </p><p>Islamic Banking as a solution to the current credit crises </p><p>31st January 2010 </p><p>Mr. Simon Bucknall, Director Art of Connections </p><p>Impromptu communications </p><p>11th February 2010 Group Panel discussion </p><p>Mr. Chris Oldfield, Seema Hallon, Mitul Modi, David Jones, </p><p> Hewitt, Dun &amp; Bradstreet, Carl Michael Fisher, &amp; Former Managing Director Habtoor Group </p><p>Business and Hiring Outlook in the Middle East </p><p>23rd February 2010 </p><p>Choukri A. Moubarak, Sr VP Goldman Sachs &amp; Co </p><p>Current Global Market for Banking </p><p>25th February 2010 </p><p>Claire Duce, Partner ,Price Waterhouse Coopers </p><p> Managing businesses in an Economic Downturn </p><p>25th March 2010 Edward Roderick, Co Chairman ,Envestors Starting a Business for entrepreneurs </p><p>15th April 2010 Robert Garden,Managing Director ,RBS Credit Challenges in the market </p><p>10th May 2010 Sgouris Sgouridis,Masdar Institute of Technology Energy Management </p><p>12th May 2010 Mohammed Tohami, Author of Pyramid Code Motivation talk </p><p>16th May 2010 Declan Hegarty ,Managing Director ,HSBC Regional Economy Trend </p><p>24th May 2010 Michael Francis Andrew ,Group HR Head ,Etisalat Managing People </p><p>Value Proposition Projects &amp; Internships </p><p>HULT INTL Career Services has been driving Corporate Engagement with Major Multinational and Local </p><p>companies by offering Short Term Consultancy Assistance in projects done by our students that focus on Growth </p><p>strategy, Innovation &amp; Process improvement. Our Previous clients that we did such projects were NIKE, F1 in </p><p>Schools , Emerson Process Control, Sukad etc. Similarly we have been successful with Over 27 Value proposition </p><p>projects &amp; short term internships. </p><p> Example of Live Car Launch Project &amp; Company Valuation Projects below : </p><p> a) Nissan Nissan is currently launching a Chinese Car in the UAE and has approached us to assist in the </p><p>launch strategy, Pricing position &amp; Customer mapping strategies. The car is been scheduled to launch in June </p><p>2010 and our students would be helping the marketing team to launch the car in UAE </p><p> B) Sukad Sukad is a medium size project management &amp; consultancy firm that outsourced a very high </p><p>profile Project to one of our student. The project duration was for three months. </p></li><li><p> 3 </p><p>Total No of Internships: 27 ( 50% of the class got internships) Price Water House Coopers ,Dun &amp; </p><p>Bradstreet,Nissan, Emerson , Envestors ,Sukad, Capital Advantage, Dubai Healthcare city featured as sponsors of </p><p>Internships </p><p>Company Tours: Student Visits were conducted to DIFC, Banks and a total of 10 tours will be arranged </p><p>by Module D </p><p>Career Fair : List of Companies that participated in our on campus Career Fair in April below : </p><p>Hult International Business School </p><p>Dubai International Academic City 7th Floor, Block 10 P.O. Box 502988, Dubai United Arab Emirates </p><p>Tel.: +971 4 3753088 Fax: +971 4 4272494 </p><p> </p></li></ul>


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