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<ul><li> 1. GUEST SERVICE</li></ul> <p> 2. Contents Service Standards Guest Conflict Resolution Empowerment Diversity Awareness International Guests Managements Role in Guest Service 3. IntroductionGuest satisfaction is crucialin maintaining loyalty. Guest loyalty ensuresrepeat business. 4. Service StandardsGuest service isparamount to hotelsuccessGuest interaction definesguest service 5. Verbal MeansVerbal communication allowsfor gaining insight into a guestThe most important verbaltools in ensuring guestsatisfaction are perhaps thesimplest 6. The basic rules for verbalcommunication are: Use an appropriate greeting Personalize the conversation(use the guests name) Thank the guest Listen 7. Verbal Means (Cont) Use an appropriate greeting: employees should greetevery guest appropriately whether in person or over thephone. They should identify the time of day: Goodmorning/afternoon/evening. When greeting a guest over the phone, an employeeshould also include their name and department: Goodmorning, front desk, this is John, how may I help you?This reassures the guest that they have reached theappropriate department 8. Verbal Means (Cont) Personalize the conversation: this helps to set a relaxedtone in the conversation, however using an appropriatetitle (i.e., Mr. or Ms.) is important During check-in or checkout, the guest account will letthe employee know the guests name Many phone systems will identify the guests name androom number, as will many PMS systems Guests greeted by name are subtly reminded that thehotel values their business 9. Verbal Means (Cont) Thank the guest: thanking the guest in a sincere manneris also very important Employees may conduct a variety of guest services in aday, and each of these transaction should be completedwith a thank you Thanking a guest for staying at a hotel also implies thatthe hotel appreciates their business 10. Verbal Means (Cont) Listening: this is the only way a receiver can hear themessage that the transmitter is sending, so employeescan listen for subtle hints and signals a guest gives outduring communication The employee creates a comfort level when they listen,and letting the guest initiate the tone of the conversationalso puts him/her at ease 11. Verbal Means (Cont) Failure to listen properly can cause problems The seven common listening errors are: Failure to concentrate Listening too hard Jumping the gun Lagging behind the conversation Focusing too much on delivery or appearance Omitting Adding 12. Visual Means Communicating visually is asimportant as communicating verbally,as visual communication canreinforce what is being said verbally The complete delivery of guestservice can be accomplished byincorporating both means 13. The rules for effective visualcommunication are: Communicate with a smile Be aware of body language Observe the groomingstandards 14. Visual Means (Cont) Communicate with a smile: a genuine smile thataccompanies a greeting or thank you reinforces themessage Smiling at guests helps create a comfortableatmosphere Be aware of body language: observing guest bodylanguage is like listening with eyes, it can give theemployee clues on how to communicate with the guest 15. Visual Means (Cont) Common body language signals include the following: Crossed arms may indicate a defensive posture A guest who leans across the front desk during conversationmay be aggressive Strong and consistent eye contact may indicate confidence Strong firm handshakes may also indicate confidence Red eyes may indicate fatigue 16. Visual Means (Cont) Observe appropriate grooming standards: hotelemployees are viewed as an extension of the hotel so aguests perception of an employee can contribute to theguests overall perception of the hotel The first and often most long lasting perception a guestmakes on an employee is the employees appearance,so most hotels have instituted grooming standards 17. Guest Service Management The guest service philosophy of ahotel should be communicatedconsistently This communication should beginwith the first day of employeeorientation where all new employeesshould be given the hotels servicephilosophy 18. Guest Service Management (Cont...)Guest service training continuesbeyond orientation and introductionof the service mission statement, andshould be constant Larger hotel chains have completedivisions at a corporate leveldedicated to creating andimplementing guest service programs 19. Motivating for Guest Service Motivating employees to embody the service missionstatement in their day-to-day duties helps ensure guestsatisfaction A good way to motivate is through guest feedback, andmost hotels have some version of a comment card in theguest rooms These cards encourage guests to rate and/or rank theservices received during his/her stay They also solicit the names of employees that haveimpacted the guests stay 20. Motivating for Guest Service (Cont..) Employees or departments that are mentioned shouldbe rewarded or recognized in some way The employees can be proud of these rewards and ahealthy competition can ensue to see which employeescan get the most rewards </p>


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