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Contents Preparation is Key Communication Body Language Daily Planning Greeting Guests Departure Procedures Assisting Guests upon their arrival and Gu Guest Arrivals & Departure

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Assisting Guests upon their arrival and departure

Gu Guest Arrivals & DepartureContents Preparation is Key Communication Body Language Daily Planning Greeting Guests Departure Procedures


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Training Manual Guest Arrivals & DeparturesThis Manual is designed to provide you, the employee, with the full knowledge of all procedures associated with assisting guests who arrive at your establishment, and also upon their departure. You will be well versed in the facilities available and how best to assist each guest.

Trainee InformationName: Manager: Training Commenced: Training Completed: Assessment Completed: ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ______ / ______ / ______ (DD/MM/YYYY) ______ / ______ / ______ (DD/MM/YYYY) ______ / ______ / ______ (DD/MM/YYYY)

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Certificate of Completion







_______________________ (Employee Name) has successfully completed their training in Guest Arrivals and Departures and is fully qualified under the requirements of the establishment in which they are employed herewith.

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Introduction Assisting guests at their arrival to your establishment is an important part of their stay. You will understand the importance of reporting customer complaints to the appropriate person and the correct way of welcoming guests, according to company policy. It is important to understand the importance of a warm welcome for guests. You need to communicate with guests effectively and use positive body language.

This manual is designed to assist you in your understanding of the importance of a great first impression for guests. From their initial checking in at the reception desk, to the transportation of luggage and providing information as required, each part of the guests arrival needs to be attended to with the utmost attention.

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Preparation is the KeyIt is important to plan your day to ensure an efficient running of the Portering service. All receptionists should work in conjunction with the General Manager, as this will ensure a smooth running working day. It is essential to keep the Reception Desk neat and tidy, as well as well stocked with information brochures and all stationery required.

Teamwork Working as a team in the arrival and departure of guests is essential, as one person cannot perform the act alone. The reception team must be aware of the need to offer assistance at all times, especially when the reception is really busy, and also learn to accept help graciously. It is important that everyone respects their fellow team members and the jobs that they perform. When each member of a team gets along and pulls together, it produces a great working atmosphere.

The Guests Requirements Prior to the guests arrival, obtain information from the Front Office about the guest reservation. This will allow you to prepare for guests special requirements. For example: Arrivals of VIPs (Very Important Persons) Any room upgrades required for special guests Late or early arrivals The number of guests arriving Disabled guests requirements Special requests from guests

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Daily PlanningIt is important to plan your day effectively. Use the following checklist to assist you in your day to day activities:

It is important to plan your activities each day, according to how many guests will be arriving and departing. After most Arrivals have checked in, it is important to obtain the arrivals and departures list for the following day. Check all times for these arrivals and departures, and ensure that you have the right number of staff on hands. Are there any early arrivals? It is always good to check that all arrangements have been covered for early arrival of guests room ready, luggage storage, etc. Where rooms will not be available for early arriving guests, check where they will be able to relax before being escorted to their room. When you have the arrival times for all guests, check with the Food and Beverage Department if welcome drinks are required.

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Greeting GuestsCommunication It is important to understand how effective communication can be the difference between success and failure. When you speak to guests or staff, always ensure that you are clear in your communication and that you deliver your message in a clear and crisp manner. Remember, when explaining how things are done, or giving instructions, you should: Ensure that your audience understands the big picture first. Ensure you have the attention of the listener. Speak clearly with good diction. Check your audience understands what you are communicating. Build on the understanding that the listener already has.

Body Language When communicating with someone, it is interesting to note that body language has a higher percentage of importance to the social meaning of a situation than verbal communication. Body language is a reference to your movements and posture. These being: Hand gestures Facial expression Movements of the head Eye contact

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Procedure for Welcoming GuestsWelcome the guest in a friendly and courteous manner is the responsibility of the Receptionist. The manner in which the welcome is conveyed displays the warmth and care of the organisation. Remember, all guests to your establishment should feel welcome and comfortable at all times. When ensuring customer satisfaction, you need to remember that a customer has come to your establishment for the highest quality service. You must present a positive first impression to each guest, as a visitor forms their decision about an establishment in the first few minutes of their arrival. It is essential that there is someone available to meet and greet guests on arrival. Duties need to be allocated Welcome guests by using their name at least twice Take a credit card emprint or cash deposit to every guest Confirm the number of nights Give them the reservations business card and tell the guest to book through our website for future bookings for Best Available Rates Give them GM Welcome letter with discount voucher, and ask them if they wish to reserve a table at the Restaurant Give them The Guest Feedback form and ask them to return it when they check-out so we can measure and improve our services. Ask them if they wish to have a wake-up call at morning Tell them if they need further assistance with Taxi, London Tours etc to call the Front Desk by dialling 0. Direction of guests to the lift/ Rafkins restaurant Escorting of guests to their room, along with their luggage, upon completion of the registration process.

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Departure ProceduresJust as essential when greeting guests, assisting them and using their name on departure is just as important. Giving a personalised attention will contribute towards the customers satisfaction and make them feel like they are receiving special treatment. Make the guest feel important and they will be sure to return. Familiarise yourself with each guest who will be departing on a particular day and ensure you are aware of any special requirements or requests e.g. collecting any items stored, VIPs, etc. Ask the guest how was their stay If positive, ask them to post a review on the As soon as a guest is departing they should be assisted with their luggage immediately. If you recognise the guest who is departing, make a special effort to come from behind the desk to say farewell. Remember, special treatment and make the guest feel important. Treat every guest as a VIP and you wont go wrong.

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SELF ASSESSMENT TESTThe following test is designed to assist you in remembering all the things you have learnt in this Training Manual.


Why is preparation important to your day?

_________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________


Why is body language as important, if not more, than verbal communication?

_________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________


What are the procedures for welcoming guests?

_________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________


What are the procedures for departing guests?

_________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________

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