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  • 1. GUAYMAS SONORA History Guaymas

2. The port of Guaymas, Sonora, sister city of SantaRosalia, Baja California Sur, which was founded in 1703, is a progressive city that offers visitors many attractions in its landscapes, services and entertainment, in the city center can be appreciate the colonial legacy, estimated around the town of Guaymas population of over 140 thousand inhabitants. 3. It is located 117 kilometers south ofHermosillo, capital of Sonora and north of Ciudad Obregn. It is the municipal seat of the municipality of Guaymas. 4. Guaymas is one of the ports of Mexico called "Height" on Mexico's Pacific coast, is one of the major shrimp producing cities in northernMexico and previously also was noted for its oyster catch. stood out as having a mainly based on fishing and other marine related activities economy., sustaining its economy has had to seek other aspects, to the point that currently much of the guaymense work activity based on industry maquiladora and tourism. 5. Irrigation infrastructure for agriculture inaddition to the 186 wells, has the Ignacio Alatorre Dam that is located in the Valle de Guaymas with total capacity of 27 million 700 thousand cubic meters, and the Represo hot water extraction capacity Vcam 15 million 300 thousand cubic meters of water and 345 miles of canals lined driving. 6. Guaymas is a place of breathtaking scenerythat combines sea, desert and mountains, Tetakawi being the most famous and representative of the mountain place. The main tourist attraction is its beaches and various sporting activities on offer such as diving, snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, jet skiing and sailing, among others. 7. Beach soft sand dunes, whose name wasgiven because of the peculiarity of its delicate texture. Here are the first services to snorkel, sail, rent boats, sport fishing and many more activities. 8. Museum of Guaymas Martnez MarcosRussek Founded in memory of guaymense who donated his house to the installation of the museum that bears his name, opened on 17 February 2005.Como museum, consisting of archeology, ethnography, home and roots, daily life and planetary 9. San Fernando Church dating from the nineteenth century and has an interesting architecture that moves neoclassical scholars and visitors. 10. Meaning GUAYMAS:Named Yaqui language means "stone mountain" 11. GRACIAS POR SU ATENCION 12. Members TEAM:GREY JOAN EVERARDO BONILLA PEREA GILBELTO CORRAL FERNANDEZ JUAN JOSE GONZALEZ ARCE RAFAEL ABRHAM OBREGON MENDOZA ESTHER MARIA MURRIETA AMARILLAS CRUZ ADILENE VALENZUELA HERRERA JESUS FELIPE ANTELO MILLANES OMAR ALFREDO ZAMORANO RAMIREZ