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This is not perfect, but i hope it can be your reference in understanding GTM


  • 1. TitleGrammar Translation Method (GTM)By : Ni Kadek WidiantariNi Made Lia Indra DewiDewa Made Agustawan

2. What is GTM ? Introduction Definition 3. Larsen (2000) defined that GTM is teachingmethod that is used for the purpose of helpingstudents read and appreciate foreign langugeliterature.GTM is one of eleven teaching methods which isa traditional foreign language teaching methodthat emphasized grammatical rules in readingand writing rather than listening and speaking. 4. The Principal CharacteristicsThe goal of foreign language study is to learn alanguage in order to read its literatureReading and writing are the major focus, little or nosystematic attention is paid to speaking or listeningVocabulary selection is based solely on the readingtext used and words are taught through bilingual wordlist, dictionary study and memorization. 5. The sentence is the basic unit of teaching and languagepractice.Accurancy is emphasized.Grammar is taught deductively that is, by presentation andstudyof grammar rules, which are then practiced throughtranslation exercise.the roles of using GTM in the classroom are very traditional.The teacher is the authority in the classroom and the studentsdo as she/he says so they can learn what she/he knows. 6. Techniques Translation of a Literary Passage Fill in the blank Reading Comprehension Questions Memorization Antonyms/Synonyms Use Words in Sentences CognatesComposition iDeductive Application of Rulen gaps in 7. AdaptabilityA class working with the Grammar Translation Method. 8. Adv antaDisagesd va& ntag es 9. Advantages Translation is the easiest way of explaining meanings ofwords and phrases from one language into another. Reduced teacher stres, teachers who are not fluent in Englishcan teach English using this approach, as the emphasis is noton the spoken word but on translations.Structure and Word Meanings.GTM focuses on the application of grammar and correct sentence structure. It helps the students to master the grammar at first 10. Disadvantages1.Learners learn about the language, rather thanhow to use the language.2.Learners do not get much, if any, opportunity todevelop listening and speaking skills.3.Vocabulary is made more difficult to use becauseit is usually taught in isolated lists.4.Using correct grammar is given more emphasisthan being able to communicate with someone.5.The attention given to grammatical accuracyand translation may be demotivating for somelearners. 11. 6. The method does not require students toparticipate in any activities or communicate witheach other7. It seemed there was no need for students tomaster the four skills of English8. Unnatural and Inaccurate Pronunciation.Generally students learn how to speak before theylearn how to write and read. In the GTM, this natural learningmethod is reversed.